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Community rewards

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

What do you all have to complete in the community in order to receive community rewards? 


Mayor / Maire

@Lcucumber j

Its a secret formula with PM and no one here knows how much participation needed for each rewar level.


And all you need is a big heart and willing to help.   Just keep participate,  answer posts that you can help, Bravos good posts. At the end of the month, good thing will happen



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Lcucumber nobody knows the formula they use for community rewards but first you should spend some time getting to know how to find proper answers to peoples issues and just spend sometime here, it's fairly easy to get a buck or two gets a lot harder after that 

Mayor / Maire

Answer question other user ask

If your answer is good, other will give you Bravo

If your answer is really good, it will be picked up as solution

All that counts and is used in PM's secret formula to rank you.

Some say even just posting counts but what really matters are Bravos and Solutions.

Mayor / Maire

Just a day or 2 a week should get you the $1 and $2 rewards pretty easily