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Changing my account email

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I want to change an email associated with an account. Originally I opened an account for my son using my email amd now I want to open my wn account with public and would like to use my email. 


Mayor / Maire



I would recommend doing it this way:


  1. contact CSA and request they change e-mail/username to the e-mail address desired
  2. remove your payment card particulars from the existing account (your son's) IF they are taking on responsibility for payment on a go-forward -  if not, ignore this step
  3. use a referral code on the existing account (your son's or someone else you know) for your eventual activation after you've acquired a Public Mobile SIM card through this site, Koodo, TELUS, or Mobile Klinik store
  4. after activating and generating a second service, decide whether you want the community user @stevenadam to be associated with his account or your new account - this is done by ensuring the e-mail address under the My Settings section under your Community avatar (upper right) matches the associated service account e-mail/username


Mayor / Maire


Only a CS_Agent can help you change the email address on your account.

Contact them by create a ticket on SIMon Chatbot or private message them above.

Mayor / Maire


Hi to change account email

 you need the help of a service rep if simon won't work for you use option 2 

There are two ways to contact a customer service agent , open a ticket through Simon here

Or  private message them  here


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