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Changing Plans - Old Reward System

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have been a Public customer for a while (Prior to when the rewards program changed) I will be updating my plan shortly, if I do does that mean I will lose my current programs in favour of their new point system? (Autopay $2, Loyalty $3) Or will they carry over to the new Plan.

Current Plan $25 1GB - New Plan likely $40 for 5GB 

Will the add ons also expire for any reason? 


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


As others have said, the rewards won’t change but you may want to crunch the numbers. Currently, the 40$ plan pays you back 6$ (points) a month and you can use those points to pay down your bill. If I’m not mistaken the loyalty rewards cap at 5$ off a month at the 5 year mark so that’s something you  may not want to lose, but the Public points can be used to buy data and minutes at a discounted rate so you do have the option of saving up a lot of them, participating in the forum to gain more points (may be too much work), switching to a cheaper plan, and using those points to drop the price of your phone plan. It all depends on your needs of course

Mayor / Maire



Any plan changes retain the old reward system so long as you do not login to public points and switch.


Any bonus and purchased add-ons also remain.


What may not remain are activation bonuses tied to a specific plan.  Fortunately, I can’t recall any activation bonus tied to the $25 1GB plan so you’re good to go!!!

Mayor / Maire

@mich3    Changing plans won't affect your rewards but make sure you don't join the Public Points as you will lose autopay and loyalty rewards and there's no chance to get back to the old rewards.


Also unless PM has removed the $40/15GB plan from the account, you should scroll past the first $40/5GB plan to $40/15 and select Change at next renewal option as PM doesn't refund for unused days left in the current cycle.


edit:  the add-ons, gifted or purchased are also not affected by plan changes.

edit 2:  @mich3   I just checked My Account and $40/15GB is still available for existing customers to change to but we don't know how long PM will keep it available.

Mayor / Maire

@mich3 @No you won’t lose them they are tied to your account not you plan . So go ahead and choose a plan you like 


edit there’s a plan there still for 20gb for 45 / might still have the 15gb for 40 so check for that aswell 

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