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Cannot make calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi I travelled to sri lanaka used a local sim card on my phone. I came back put my  Public mobile SIM card back and I have tried a factory reset and a network reset. I have checked my APN settings. I was wondering if there is anything further I can do.   I am unable to make calls when I make a call it says emergency calls only. The SIM card has been reinserted restarted the phone.


Mayor / Maire

@vjjvv   How long you have left the country?  have you be paying PM service while you were away?


Please login to My Account and check the account status first.  Make sure it is showing status Active and not Suspended


Also, it would be nice if you have another phone to test, just put the PM SIM in the other phone and see if it works



APN settings should not affect voice calls, just data functioning.  


As mentioned above, try your PM SIM card in another working phone. That helps determine whether hardware issue versus Public mobile service problem.  


Any chance your phone was blacklisted while you were away?



Mayor / Maire

If you were gone and haven't renewed your account for over 90 days it will be deactivated and your number lost. 

Mayor / Maire

What your self-serving account says regarding your status? Is it Active?

If it is suspended due to no pay for less than 90 days, pay Plan's fee and reactivate service/account.

If it was suspended longer than 90 days, your account has been closed, number lost.