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Cannot access My account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

solved, tnx


@oliatscha     Is it possible that you have turned off your private message settings option?  That would stop you (I believe) from being able to send and receive private messages.  


If you think that may be the issue then click on your avatar, select settings, preferences, private messenger and you should see an option to "turn on private messages".  

Mayor / Maire

@oliatscha  - are you a current public mobile customer? Do you have services with a public mobile sim card or have you had services within 90 days?


If you have been in nonpay/suspended status for over 90 days, then you lost your Public Mobile account, phone number, and access to self serve.


edit, and also, probably best to edit your original post and remove your email. This is a public forum for all to see, you never know what someone will do with it. To edit, click the down arrow at the top, right of your post.