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Cancelling account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So my son switched to another carrier back in late May. His phone # did not port over and Rogers suggested that he could keep the temporary phone # they gave him. I was pretty sure that his Public Mobile account was canceled. It is paid every 3 months and just noticed it on a credit card. Got logged into his acct and noticed a few incomng  text messages and for some reason 2 outgoing calls on Aug. 2nd. That was weird. He has a new SIM card in his phone from Rogers. So now I ask how do we cancel and get a credit as he didn't use the account. 


Mayor / Maire


@Vdb hi you can try for a refund 



check your community envelope for a reply


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


contact to support team by CS_Agent  to fix it.

Mayor / Maire

@Vdb is the outgoing calls going to number ends with 4001?   if so, it's voicemail.   People tried to call and got routed to voicemail 

Mayor / Maire


Two ways to check if your account is closed.

If you can’t login to your son’s account or if the old PM SIM doesn’t work.

If you can login or the old SIM is working then the porting was not completed and you need to contact a CS_Agent and informed them of your situation.

Mayor / Maire


It's unlikely pm will refund the plan amount but with a 90 day plan someone here might want to take over the account and you two can privately negotiate a "refund". What plan is on the account?

Mayor / Maire

I concur with @BKNS27 . Since the port failed for some reason, the account remained open. So, curious, did you not want to use the public mobile phone number with Rogers? Because a cell to cell port should take only a couple hours, not a couple months.


While you are in your son's account, remove the Autopay option, and I would submit a ticket by @RossN 's method in the first response to ensure any registered card is removed from the account.


After 90 days of nonpayment the account will be permanently closed and the phone number and access to My Account will be gone...that is, if you do not want the public mobile phone number any longer.