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Can't use Us roaming Data

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm on trip at Newyork city. So I purchased Us roaming data 3GB 3days ago.

But it doesn't work properly. 

the roaming data is not connected well and even if it is hard to connect, it keeps getting errors because it is too slow.

My trip is ruined because I can't even search for Google Maps.

I've already turned my phone off and on more than 10 times and checked the roaming settings. My phone show it is T-mobil. I have only 3 days for my trip. How can I use the data?


Mayor / Maire

@Anna_C182   What phone do you have?  Try 4G/LTE instead of 5G.    Note that you can download Google Maps areas over wifi in advance  to use later when offline.

The speed of the service while connected is beyond Public Mobile's control. Can you try using the AT&T network?

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