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Can’t get to new credit card screen. Virtual Assistant dialing it in. App issue.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen






First, I have an issue with my credit card.

the ‘pay now’ doesn’t account for my $20 discount, took me a bit to confirm it was there, the discount specifically. Submitted a ticket for this, already. 

second, my credit card is apparently not working, and I can’t get to the ‘add a new card’ option, and in the virtual assistant only gives me the option to add a voucher within it, and when I go over to the new credit card it starts me back at square one of 2, must pay now.

third, speaking of the virtual assistant, I’d like to applaud whoever coded it. Examples to show how much of a treat that’s been.

Fourth, while going back and forth, the app glitches, and wouldn’t populate the HST, so I had to quit the app.

Public, we know your business is a subsidiary of Telus. Perhaps contract out some of Telus’ best and brightest, and maybe iron out a few of these things.

I once asked why there wasn’t an app, and it was claimed by the staff, the Corporate positioning, that we didn’t need it, the site cuts it, and keeps costs down. 

Well, now that your tune has changed, maybe take a pause from any thing new, and just work on improvement.

A couple pointers:


A) Telus had profit of $8.809B, a 6.94% increase year-over-year, for March 31, 2023.

B) Collectively, you’ve gained 15K new cell phone customers last quarter

C) “The Vancouver-based company said it will now pay quarterly dividend of 36.36 cents per share, up from 35.11 cents per share.

The increased payment to shareholders came as Telus reported a profit attributable to common shares of $217 million or 15 cents per diluted share, down from $385 million or 28 cents per diluted share a year earlier.”

And, the total number of shares is impressive.

Now, make the service impressive. Thanks!

Also, maybe give me a good will gesture and reconnect my service for 24 hours so I may properly navigate to the payment screen. Or have a 1-800 #.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi, great that you chose to respond but chose selectively.

why do I have it ‘out’ for PM? Because you ‘think’ so.

some people think vaccines are bad, masks deny them oxygen, and yes, some people still think the world is flat? Which one of those to do you also believe in?

I literally don’t need this, there is motivation for you to reply, and for you to be passive-aggressive, and it’s more than a bill credit, isn’t it?

Yes or no, is Public Mobile your employer. Reply only yes or no. 

I literally do not want another response otherwise, thanks.


HI @Ehnfncndj 

couple things, you login My Account , Payment page, Manage Subscription then Update Card information to add new card.  It says update, but you enter all the card info again

if you are asking for the $20 discount for $55 plan, since the autopay failed earlier, you just need to pay the full $55 amount first and system will credit you back $20 after.  So, your next bill can use that $20 credit and your next bill will be less, autopay will say $35 , but with $20 credit , it becomes just $15

You don't seems like PM too much, some members do not like it as much , you have buddies here

Are Mayor employees? we get $ from PM monthly.  They pay us $1 to $20.  So, you can say we are paid workers, but no benefit  🙂

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Well, first off, if I assumed, I’m sorry. But they legit don’t want to actually help, it’s appears to be a business model of, ‘as long as we don’t piss off 85% of our customers, who cares about the other 15%.

Also, code-switching, like you, Public, giving us fancy pants titles as we level up, like this is some sort of text based video game, why, and what for?

psychology, that’s why. Social media notifications, and other interactions have the ability to trigger pleasure centres, like when we get that great DEAL, so when I find out I’ve been leveled up from ‘town homeless person’ to ‘town drunk’, then it gets me right in the feels.

Don’t you miss the days when the only company that did this made the name ‘sandwich artist’?

I do, and if Public wants unpaid and untrained customers to do all of its heavy lifting, then when people don’t respond well or respond assumptively, then yes, the complete lack of service is going to push me away.

yeah, got it fixed, but it’s not like the company isn’t going to cause the same issue for others.

nothing personal, but they can’t sit there and shout all the positives without addressing where they are just absent.

All respondents in this topic are not employees. If the line was directed at me then when did I say "my choice"?

I said I agree with a lot of your comments. The system is a lot of crap. But the service seems to keep on ticking in spite of the systems.

The shareholders are completely focused on money. Some regulars here do in fact have Telus stock. I don't.

So did you ever get your services paid one way or another?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

dust to dust,

is your name reflective of the Churn you cause, you know, people leaving the company?


This is joke. Are Mayors employees? Look at the tone and the words used, my choice?

it’s called a free market, as much as Public can choose to exist (and I suggest it shuts down if I can’t be run better than it is with your responses and ‘help’, I can choose to back up, as much I can choose to leave Public when I log in, and I get a passive-aggressive reply from a Mayor, aka ‘hired and paid staff’.

how is this even customer service? Just call it a day, if this is normal operating procedure, unless of course, your shareholders like money.

Mayor / Maire

Looking back at all this, your first mistake was not saying yes to the $46 payment. That right there showed everything you needed. Amount plus taxes. Then you changed your mind and your adventure started.

My suggestion about vouchers was simply as a work around of all the hassles you were getting from the chat method. I don't understand your recent comment on that idea.

The rest was all perfectly valid ranting about this place. i agree with much of it.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


The system is asking to pick a solution

i didn’t actually get one. There was one alternative. Some just don’t seem to read into the common sense of a) customer service, or b) retail/business jargon, and/or c) how things are typically conveyed in messaging.

so the voucher one may have been valid, however, if I had a voucher issue I would be without (typically no refunds). Otherwise, thank you.

Someone said it was the formatting. Another assumed it was a plan it was asking for. Another assumed it related to Province. And another was giving advice that would be useful if I owned a Time Machine (YES).

Like, I have to point out, all were Mayors, did I read that correctly?

Ok, so I seen a nod to a ‘retired’ oracle, so if they ‘retired’ they are probably ‘really retired’.

that said, if this was done in a call centre, like several I’ve worked at, there would be levels, at least ‘Team Leaders’ and ‘Agents’, right? Upper management wouldn’t be bothered.

So, who’s directly beneath Mayor?

Well, cool cool. I mean, I’ll play along and take the points as they come to me. However, I’m going to be critical of your app and customer service when it’s like this, when possible Employees are throwing themselves at you to get you to accept a particular solution. Does it help resolution stats, or is that more of a Customer Satisfaction rating survey (CSAT)

Mayor / Maire

I would suggest not bothering with all the logging in nonsense and buy vouchers and dial 611 to enter them. Or another slick option is real time payments in some stores. Also, if you know your 4 digit account pin then you can use 611 to pay from the registered credit card (if valid).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Also, it was asking ‘payment’ not activated.

just wondering, do you become a ‘Mayor’ when you just blindly defend the system by critiquing the user? Oh, I get it, I’m the one who should provide ‘great customer service’ is that it? 

say, what’s the ratio of customers to employees here?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I use to work for one or more of the national carriers, and a dollar equals the same dollar amount in any province or territory.

again, I’ve said it’s taxes in. Phone your ISP right now and ask to make a payment for $50 and wait for them to put taxes on that, and get back to me.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks, tax is normal, it’s been around ever since before I was born here.

again, I’ve heard older people struggle to be ‘here’ when they’ve tried and they don’t want to go to this when ‘service’ is free range. I’m demonstrating how it’s actually just functioning terriblely.

before anyone wishes to critique me on how I should communicate, perhaps focus a bit more response on how the virtual assistant responds than me? 

dogpile much? Nice community, guys.

@Ehnfncndj wrote:

When making a payment ever, you’re asked how much you’d like to pay, and it is assumed (from someone with cell phone industry experience, and general CSR experience) it would be the ‘total amount you’d like to charge on your card, taxes in’.

why am I going to add tax to that?

it’s a terrible ‘virtual assistant’.

@Ehnfncndj - is your account currently Suspended or Active? If Suspended, I get why it would be asking to pay taxes, to get Active again.

But if already Active, then I agree it is kinda weird to ask for taxes. BUT, on the other hand, this could be one of the 'improvements'. Many users that make payments or top ups like a receipt, this would provide that and make it more official. 

edit typo

@Ehnfncndj   Sorry, due to the different taxes for different provinces, PM always only show the amount without tax on My Account

So, you were almost there, please go back and try again.  And Yes, as @hTideGnow  mentioned, enter the amount without "$" sign.  When it ask you if you want to pay $46 + tax.. , just reply YES and you will be all good


Mayor / Maire

@Ehnfncndj - looks like, from the screenshots, Chatbot thinks you are trying to activate a $46 plan (plan amount with rewards deducted). "Are you dumb", you asked it...LOL, not much of an AI.

Are you able to try to update the credit card on desktop/laptop method? Maybe it would be less finicky. You could try through a tab in incognito mode as well, see if that helps.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

When making a payment ever, you’re asked how much you’d like to pay, and it is assumed (from someone with cell phone industry experience, and general CSR experience) it would be the ‘total amount you’d like to charge on your card, taxes in’.

why am I going to add tax to that?

it’s a terrible ‘virtual assistant’.

Mayor / Maire

HI@Ehnfncndj   it is a new trend to use Chat to help our daily life after ChatGPT

your first reply 46.00 without the dollar sign was right

your later reply $40 was not working because you put in a $ sign

and remember, PM always add tax on top of the amount.  So, your plan could be $55. it charged you $55 +tax

So, if you want to pay or load $46, it adds tax on it, it is Canada, so tax is normal  🙂


@Ehnfncndj  On the first image it said are you paying $46.00 plus tax, you should just reply YES


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

OH: why did it ‘add taxes’ to the amount I wanted to pay? That’s a first.

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