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Can I follow up on ticket re missing bonus data?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



I'm new here, so please excuse me if this question is wrong?


I have signed up on December 29, registering for the 8 + 42 GB for $50 (in Quebec, with a Laval number).

My friend mentioned on the day after that she doesn't see the friend referral on her list (she's on old rewards system) and, since it looked like the codes didn't properly register at sign-up, I needed to contact customer service to have it applied (for her $1, for me one time $10)


So on Friday (Dec 30) CSA informed me that:

a) 42 GB bonus will be applied within 2 business days

b) my bonus rewards points (for my payment) will be applied within 4 - 5 business days

c) my friend's "gift" (shouldn't it be "rewards"?) would show up within 48 - 72 hours


If my calculations are right, I'm past the 2 business day mark, and past the 72 hours... findings after checking my self serve and rewards account (in incognito mode, after clearing cache) as well as checking in with my friend:

a) no sign of the 42 GB - I have 8 GB plan data only

b) it looks like I got the 3x bonus points, however the labels in the rewards activities are a bit confusing to me?

c) I have received the holiday bonus 2 GB and 500 minutes - I did not realize that I had to manually claim the additional 1 GB in the rewards section before New Year's Eve, so I missed out on that

d) I have not received the one-time $10 credit

e) my friend doesn't see my number / last four digits in her referral list and her referral rewards amount is still the same as on December 28


I feel that I have done nothing wrong (to the best of my knowledge after weeks of research), and that the above missing things should be rectified. I don't want to regret choosing PM over Fizz.

Is it really inappropriate to open another ticket and ask for CSA to make things right, according to the advertising that enticed my to sign up for Public Mobile?


Mayor / Maire


I am sorry to hear about your experience and while completely unacceptable not all that surprising given the ridiculous interactions I've had of late with a few customer support agents. I'm sure you have made your decision to go with Fizz having regretted giving pm a try but I will give you one last piece of advice.....


I have discovered when you run into this amount of pure stupidity when dealing with customer support that you have to put your foot down and very clearly tell them if you cannot escalate my request to the appropriate department or employee who has the knowledge and authority to resolve it then I will be filing a complaint with the CCTS to resolve that matter once and for all on my behalf. This brings them a runnin' with a quick resolution.....


It should not have to come to fight tooth and nail to just get the promotion your signed up for and are eligible for .....but for some reason in the past year or so dealing with some CSA 's has become a complete nightmare and despite promises to address these issues it continues to occur.....and we only know of the cases when customers take the time like yourself to share their experiences here in the community. How many others just say "SCREW IT?!!" and leave? It's really quite embarrassing as customer support used to be exemplary here albeit a little slow but truly stellar. 


If I were you I would file a complaint with the CCTS and ask for a full refund. Bait and switch. You were not given what you were promised. Simple.



This is what public mobile has come to? Shockingly bad customer service!! Not that I can even get any customer support at all having all my methods of contact blocked from view from customer support....9 days and counting.



Yes I said it and I meant it...."pure stupidity"'s not an insult when it accurately describes the situation. But go ahead and report me....maybe I will actually get contacted by customer support!!!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Just to close this up:

Thanks to  everyone for your thoughts and help, really appreciated.


While I can't go into all the details of the bizarre back and forth with multiple CSAs, this has been a total disaster.

Over this week the reasons for not being eligible for the 42GB promo included having signed up (with a QC phone number and my QC issued credit card) while visiting my friends' place outside of my home province. And after that, allegedly, having signed up on the $15 (100 outgoing minutes, 250MB) plan, which can be disproved on the My Account landing page, the plan page, the payment page, the rewards portal and my credit card statement...


I'm done fighting this. I'm cutting my losses and will move on now.

$5+/GB is way too much after all the offers we've seen on the market in the past couple of months. Yes, I understand that the $45/20GB is still available to switch to, but,  while I really wanted to make this work, Public Mobile is not seeing another penny from me. 

I will use the rest of my 8GB plan data plus 2GB holiday gift (yes, only 2GB, I can't get the additional 1GB either) and will be a Fizz customer thereafter. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

update: PM didn't auto apply the 1GB reward, so I resubmitted a ticket. CS_agent asked for verification via return message this time. Reward was applied to SelfServe same day.



@darlicious, @JumP - A recent referral sign up got 2 of the freebies almost immediately. I asked for the third one today. With all the seasonal goings-on I didn't get around to going in to the points system to add it while it was still available. All done in about 13 minutes.


Yes the chosen pin along with the chosen first name and last name and the phone number method works fine for me every time.

Mayor / Maire


So does the 4 digit account pin # method apparently. Report back if the 1gb data redemption does get automatically added to either your self serve account or possibly your redemption catalogue in your points rewards account.

Mayor / Maire


yes, the system is having issues using one's account for verification. AFAIK using the text method works 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@darlicious wrote:
  • The wording on the "more is merrier" announcement regarding new activations says all new activations need to do is wait as the holiday gifts will be automatically applied within 7 days.

Thanks for this tidbit. I'm in a similar situation having activated on Dec. 30, and waiting for the 1gb bonus.

Got a reply from CS_agent but I cannot verify my account through the link to reply.

Rejects my verification info even though I'm able to sign in to My Account with exact same info!


I'm gonna wait it out.



@lavalbound2023 wrote:

Well, then I'm just too stupid to understand? The CSA explained the time delays for the different bonus' to show, and since there were weekend and stat holiday in between, 2 business days were up after 5 calendar days - why should I question his integrity and how can I ask for an update on something that didn't seem to need more action from his side?


Since they are closed I will try to reply to previous ticket conversation in the morning. But I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

You are not stupid @lavalbound2023 .

Go to your Sent messages and take screenshots of your earlier requests, then include them in the newer messages to a response to a ticket in your inbox.

I know this can be annoying, but be persistent and I am sure they will fix this up for you. Good Luck!

Mayor / Maire


Welcome to Public Mobile!  More importantly....Welcome to the Community! 


So far you are doing everything right....when you had doubts about the veracity of the CSA's statements regarding the promotions, rewards and holiday gifts you came to the community to run it by us. That's exactly what you should do. I was given some great advice when I first joined pm and I didnt agree with the response I was given by a then moderator-now-CSA. "Get a second opinion." I was advised. You will soon discover that each interaction with any individual  CSA is YMMV. It really shouldn't be this way as it should be pretty standard especially when it comes promotions and long standing programs and policies but it seems more and more some CSA's just make it up as they go along and if you as the customer have not educated yourself on what you are entitled to as far as your sign up promotions then you are at the mercy of CSA's own interpretation of pm policies and procedures.  That doesn't mean you have to accept them and the community nearly always knows best. In regards to the concerns you have raised....


Referral code/rewards


There has been a known glitch for the past year and a half whereas despite entering the referral code correctly at activation it simply does not register on the account and has to be added manually by a CSA after activation. When a referral is added successfully and is registered on the account the following holds true...


  • The referrer will immediately see the $1 reward in their $$ rewards account along with the last 4 digits of the referral's phone number after the activation is completed.
  • The $10 bonus referral credit will be added to your account within 72 hours but usually the next day.
  • The referrer will recieve the Cha-ching text from 611 the following day (depending on the time of activation) at 2pm eastern.
  • Points program members will only recieve the Cha-ching text (as above) as an indication of their referral code being used and will see 1 point added to their points earning page in their point rewards account upon renewal.

Get back points


  • The regular earning rate for get back points is 5%. You will see these points added immediately upon renewal or after making a purchase (of an add on for example).
  • The 3×points promotion is applied in 2 separate entries on your points earning page. The regular 5% amount (as above) and an additional 10% applied approximately 48 hours after the 5% amount for the following 12 months after activation.

Bonus promotional data (42GB)


  • This kind of promotional data is usually applied in " true" business days. Whether or not they count December 30th your activation day as one of the 2 business days is not always clear but if we don't count it then 2 business days would be yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday). So it should be added to your account at the end of the business day. (If not contact customer support first thing in the morning on Thursday to have it added and address everything else that needs attention as well.)

Holiday Gift Add on data (1GB redemption)


  • The messaging on this bonus ho,iday gift for points program members is a little confusing for new activations and anyone activating an account in the last 3 days or so of December will run into an issue of not being able to redeem the 0 pt./1GB Data add on because it can take up to 48+ hours for the point rewards account to set up and be accessed.
  • The wording on the "more is merrier" announcement regarding new activations says all new activations need to do is wait as the holiday gifts will be automatically applied within 7 days. Ask for this 1GB data add on to be added to your account along with your 42GB of plan data. 

There is nothing wrong with questioning the info you recieve from customer support and if you are unhappy with the customer service you are recieving you can close your support ticket and start over. Always feel free to seek help and advice from the community even encouragement and moral support from fellow members can see you thru a difficult or frustrating interaction  with a CSA (there are lots of fantastic CSA's here too?!!) 😀 😁


sometimes it's better to get another customer support rep. they don't all have the same knowledge. just be more upfront on what you would like. tell them it's been past the required timeframe and you would like the rewards added to the account please. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Well, then I'm just too stupid to understand? The CSA explained the time delays for the different bonus' to show, and since there were weekend and stat holiday in between, 2 business days were up after 5 calendar days - why should I question his integrity and how can I ask for an update on something that didn't seem to need more action from his side?


Since they are closed I will try to reply to previous ticket conversation in the morning. But I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

@lavalbound2023 i usually would reply it with something like "Any update?" to keep the ticket opened 


If the ticket is closed, technically,  you need to reopen a new one.  But try to simply reply on the old ticket and I believe PM agent would not ignore it, they will confirm and reply


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



Yes, I have communicated back and forth with CSA through direct message on December 30.

As mentioned I have cleared cache and used incognito to do activation and check my account. (I have read here before signing up, and try to follow advise given by what seem to be experienced senior members of this community...)


Ticket was closed by CSA on Friday Dec 30 after making the statements I mentioned in the first half of my post - since all the additions were on time delay (2 business days, 72 hours etc) I had to take his word for it. 


Correct my understanding, but I also believe that "inactive" tickets are being closed after 2 days or so. So I would have needed to tie up valuable CSA time with stupid questions to keep the ticket open from December 30 to January 3?

Mayor / Maire

@lavalbound2023   Agent replied you via Community inbox earlier?  you can simply reply on the same message and they will reply you back


Also, the current My Account has some cache issue and what you got might be old cached page.  Please login My Account using Incognito mode again and you will then get the correction information.