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Can Connect to Wifi but no interenet connection, data not working at all even away from home

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

We had something go wrong with our router two days ago, and could only get ethernet connections. I did a hard reset of the router and can get wifi now on my laptop and tablet, but not on my cell phone. My son has the same problem.


I also cannot get Public Mobile data on my cell at all.


I have reset everything (except the tablet).  I have reset the phone, first just the network settings, just now reset all my settings.  I can connect to the router, but the message is still "no internet connection." 


I have turned things on and off and off and on for days.  The hard reset of the router happened last night (June 16 2022) and I was able to reconnect my laptop after clearing the sysconfig through command prompt. 


This has been going on for days now, and very frustrated to be paying for data that I cannot use at all in any way. I do not understand why.


A troubleshooter run through last night (after I lost my ethernet) said there was a bad ip configuration.


I've tried manually setting my phone wifi ip address with no luck there either. Going insane and need help!


My son can get back on wifi with his laptop as well.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@AniD hi check in your self serve under data and add ons is there a line for data? if not you used it all as for wi fi thats a problem between you and your internet provider 

Mayor / Maire

@AniD hello you may have used all your data when your wifi wasn't working wifi has nothing to do with Public 

Mayor / Maire

Hi @AniD   since your router at home has problem, maybe you have been using your Mobile Data and all used up?  How much monthly data you get every cycle?


can you login to My Account, check if you have a line about data in the My Data & Add-on area on the Overview tab.  If you do not see any lines about Data,  then you have used them all up already 


Mayor / Maire

Your WiFi has nothing to do with PM services. You will have to resolve WiFi by yourself or get some advises here.

As for PM Internet (data) check your account if you have any data available. Accidentally leaven data on will exhaust your data allowance very fast.