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Calls dropping regularly

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


My calls have been dropping consistently for the past few months. I'm always speaking to the same person (who is also a public mobile user) throughout the day and every call/session is dropped eventually- this occurs on a daily basis. One time, I noticed on my screen that the "call timed out."

Anyone share the same experience and have an idea how to fix this?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have the same issue, though my boss doesn't have public mobile and the call drops mid way speaking to them regularly.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Someone suggested to me the other day to change cellular connection to manual and then select public mobile that way as I have had dropped calls or instances where people are getting messages that the number is not in service.  I have changed that and testing it at the moment.  Not sure if that would make a difference for you but thought I would mention it as something to try.  


you " always speaking to the same person (who is also a public mobile user) "  , so it could be you or could be the other party  (unless you think it also happens when you call someone else  in different location and differ providers)

May I know what model of phone both of you have?  It could be related with VoLTE

I think to test, have both of you changed the phone network mode to 3G Only and test for couple days

Also, it could be a local network issue, too.  So, best if you and your friend can confirm if this call dropping lesser an issue either of you at a different places


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The calls drop at random times. Today, a call dropped after 9 minutes. Im always conducting the calls in the same location.

I'll have to test with 3G. Is there a known issue with voLTE?

@hTideGnow wrote:

for call timed out, not sure if you called for over 2 hours.  PM calls will drop right at 120 minutes mark

That's not the case.  The reports of that happening that I've seen weren't right at the 2 hour mark but rather at seemingly randomly amounts of time slightly after 2 hours. I would think that if it was a system imposed limit, the call drop would always happen at the exact same amount of time (which it doesn't).  I've personally (and recently) done 3 hour calls using Public Mobile service.

@hTideGnow  You maybe right I don’t know , I certainly can’t out my finger on it . Just know it’s not as smooth as Telus even when making the call with PM there is a pause then it starts to ring Telus is instant . Be scary if you ever need 911 waiting for the PM pause to connect you to proper authority’s 

HI @Handy1 

it is certain no network priority. 

But I am not sure if the implementation for PM's VoLTE is any different from Telus, that could be what make the difference

@hTideGnow  But I have the newest iPhone every year and it has voLTE . So I don’t know what the issue is I get dropped calls a lot still no matter what on PM I’ve just come to except it just like the terrible app for updating credit card info . Somethings work well but much is left to be desired . A lot here needs a major polishing 


no, there is absolutely no network priority at all.   The saving we got from PM is for the less support from agent and not the worse quality of network service.  LoL

If anything, it would be a problem with VoLTE.  Seems like people have more trouble with VoLTE than calls on 3G

Mayor / Maire

@Catchjoyceness  Yes I notice this to with public mobile I have dropped calls frequently. Many say it should be no different then Telus and that it has nothing to do with prioritization between the Telus Koodo and PM . But I don’t believe that myself I never rarely if ever experience dropped call on Telus but more often then not experience it with PM fact is it’s flanker brand mnvo company and there’s got be a trade off and that decent prices for sub standard service 

Mayor / Maire

HI @Catchjoyceness 

for call timed out, not sure if you called for over 2 hours.  PM calls will drop right at 120 minutes mark

for the voice problem, what phone you are using?  does it only happen when you are home? or call drops issue is serious everywhere?

And not sure if you are using VoLTE, maybe try changing your network to 3G Only and make calls to test

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