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Call routing problem with a Telus Landline phone number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I'm unable to get an incoming phone call from a Telus customer who has a landline.  When they call it does not register on my phone and after 6 rings they are sent to my voice mail where they are able to leave a message. Last week I was able to get a call from them but no longer.  Nothing has changed with my phone that I'm aware of.  I am able to get a phone call from a different landline number. 

 I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S9+.  I've been with Public Mobile for at least 4 years.  I have done all of the following:

1. Do Not Disturbed not active.

2. Number is not in my blocked number list.

3. I have power cycled my phone on and off several times.

4. I put my phone into flight mode for 1 minute, powered off, removed the sim card, powered all back up.  Stil they are unable to call me.

All my by research indicates that this is most likely a call routing problem.  So what do I do next as this is now a service provider issue?

Thanks for the assistance.  FZ


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good idea.  I did check and my friend's number does not show in any of my incoming calls even though they have called me about a dozen times today (and the pass week) while trying various things to get this to work.   I have ensured her number is not blocked, all anti-spam features are turned off, block numbers are turned off, and call barring features are not active.  I did move my sim card from my phone to my partners phone and the call came through.  So makes me think there is a setting in my phone but I can't find anything else that could be preventing the number from getting through.  There is no blocked number symbol next to her number or contact.  Very odd.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I keep trying them. Greatly appreciated.


also, you might want to login My Account, go to Usage history and see if it shows the incoming calls from your friend.  It can confirm if the calls ever try to reach you.  Usage history:

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks Softech for the quick response.  Yes it seems that I can only get a call from the one individual. I'm absolutely sure I did not accidently block the number.  It was the first thing that came to my mind.  I forgot to mention that I deleted their contact information from my phone and then made a new one just in case there was something linked to their contact card. 

Good idea trying my Sim card in another phone. I'll do that once I can get my hands on someone else's cellphone. 

I'll try to submit a ticket as well. Thanks! FZ

Mayor / Maire

@FelineZoo  Use the chat icon bottom right to submit a ticket with customer service.


HI @FelineZoo 

you really can receive calls from other friends and just not this one?

you sure you didn't block his number by mistake? can you try your sim card in another phone and ask your friend to call again?

if this is indeed true, a system problem, please open ticket with PM support:

1. Open ticket via Chatbot (need access to My Account): At
    Start by typing "Submit a ticket", then click "Contact Us", then "Other", then "Log In", finally click "Click here to submit a ticket ↗
2. If you have trouble with Chatbot or you don't have access to My Account: Private message CS Agent at:
**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after ticket submitted, CS Agent will reply to you there   

Since your friend is with Telus, it is also good to ask him to open ticket himself with Telus as well

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