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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I look at my credit card statement, I see multiple charges of $16.95 on February 12th. I only have 1 phone so I believe that I should only have one upcharge when I tried to get the 15 minutes for $15 US plan, which never worked for me anyways....


Mayor / Maire

The multiple charges you mentioned are technically legit purchases. If you keep adding it to your account, as long as there is room on your  cc it will be approved. 

The bank nor public mobile doesn't know how many you wanted. Nor did they know that they did not work. Just because it didn't work,  doesn't make them invalid.

You were provided with ways to contact public mobile to see what they can do for you in ways of a credit if not already in your available funds as indicated. 

Mayor / Maire


If the US Add-on didn’t work then contact a CS_Agent for a refund or credit through Chat icon.

Mayor / Maire

HI @dwhite9064

since that was like 2 months ago, there was no chance those were just pending charges. 

But did you check your My Account's payment history for Feb, Maybe those extra money were saved in Available Funds? 

But also, submit a ticket and  check with support agent

please submit a ticket with CS Agent using this Chatbot link:  Type the question "Submit ticket", Then click the following in order: "Contact Us" ,  "Other",  "Log In".  
If any issue with ticket submission, you can  submit by direct message:        

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