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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I've had me and my 4 family members lines on Bell since they were MTS, I've always stayed with them because we absolutely need the Unlimited Data which Public Mobile was never offering up until now.. so I'm trying to figure out which lines I should now switch to Public Mobile. 

My current Plans & Prices before Tax with Bell are as Following:

  • (1st Line) Unlimited Share BYOD 100GB US (Canada-US Roaming Plan, North America Wide Calling + Worldwide Texting.)
  • (2nd Line) Unlimited Share BYOD 50GB (Canada + US Calling & Worldwide Texting)
  • (3rd, 4th, & 5th Line) Unlimited Share BYOD 25GB (Canada + US Calling & Worldwide Texting)

1st Line: $70/Monthly (Going up to $75 Next Cycle.)

2nd Line: $60/Monthly after Addtl line Discounts.

3rd, 4th, 5th Lines: $60.50/Monthly after Addtl line Discounts.

All our 225GB Data is combined and shared between all 5 Devices on the Bell Account which is nice, however we all use less than 50GB each per month aside from Line 1 which needs 100GB or more independently + US Roaming.

Even though we wouldn't be sharing Data on Public Mobile, I feel we'd be able to get by with our own usage pools even if some of the lines went with the 20-30GB Plans based on current usage. 

The additional line discount is not worth it to be paying almost $70 after Tax for only 25GB of Data, so I'm considering taking those off Bell for sure however I can't decide for the 50GB and there is no option for the 100GB yet. 

I am personally one of the 25GB ones and I'm not very satisfied as the price keeps going up for no reason, I'll be switching my actual and personal line to Public after this Bell Cycle is finished especially if they keep the 40GB • $50 Canada-US Plan available, if not I'll do the 50GB Unlimited one for $55. 

Public has finally won me over on my main line, now all my personal accounts will be with them and likely most of my family. Bell might be left with two until Public Mobile rolls out more good deals to which I can also switch those ones over. 

Anyone else have experience switching you and your family from a share plan to individual plans with Public Mobile, how'd it go? 



@Priority  send 2FA via email is a good alternatives

For family members, go to their email, setup a forwarding rule for any 2FA email from PM, forward to your own email address 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I would be managing everything on their behaves, thankfully we all live in the same household so the 2FA wouldn't be too difficult to deal with. 

Mayor / Maire


The Bell family plan are postpaid plans with additional lines that can be added to one postpaid plan.

PM is a prepaid plan where only 1 line/1 account with 1 email address.

Mayor / Maire

@Priority i cannot speak to a shared family plan, but I have transferred land and cell lines/numbers over to public and I've had no regrets. It really does depend on each individual's needs. So you can save money and manage separately or have each person manage their own, they go for it.

Plans are easy to change to with public. So if someone needs less or more data in their plan, then just change it in their My Accounts.

Mayor / Maire

@Priority , will they all be able to manage their own accounts on here through this “online only” support provider? Especially with 2FA, payment issues, service issues, support tickets & so on? Or will you try to manage it all for them without access to their devices? Theres many questions to ask to make the decision to switch 😃 



price has came down a lot this year.

If you need Tabs for phones and share data, then those from the Big3 are good. If if you can settle with BYOD and use only 20, 30, or even 50GB only , there are a lot more reasonably priced plans everywhere. Of course with PM offering 5G and VoLTE like other Tier 2 providers, the best deal could be right here

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