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Any help?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I recently signed up - again - I was with PM before.


I was wondering if I could change my username too - or should I just use a new email account and register again?


My main disappointment so far - is the 'Automatic top-up' $2 discount is no more - is gone.  


When I noticed on the Pubilic Mobile no mention of that anywhere - I was afraid that something was changed.   I finally noticed a blurb about it being 'Old Public Rewards' - with the last date it was available - January 25, 2022, right?


Very disappointing - as the $2 off per month would have meant my bill would be $2 less per month.   Now, it's the same as it was with my previous provider.


I switched back for the 2gb bonus - and I had an issue with my previous provider.  


Anyway, I am not very interested in their/your points system (of rewards) - to be honest. 


If there's a way to sign up for an instant discount $1-$2 off - I would be interested.   I have a friend with Public Mobile so I took the referral code (to help them).   I don't know if I get any $ off - I thought it was $10 off?  


Maybe someone can explain how that works?


I hope to chat with some of you although I probably won't have time to be on here on a regular/frequent basis.  




Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Leaving  Not sure the exact date things changed but the point system is sure different that the old school system.. 

HI @Leaving  , the Community name was just a joke, but you can change the name with the help of PM Support  if you want to 


Yes, with $25 plan the 5% points back is not as good as $2 before. But remember , PM still give you 10 point on your Anniversary Day, which is a $10 value, or around $0.8/month.  Then if you can get a friend to join with referral, that can be another 1 point per cycle. Not a lot, but every little bit add up.  Compare with other Tier 3 providers with $25 plan but do not have any reward discount, you are still saving a bit every month  🙂


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@Metal1967  - I guess you could say I noticed or discovered as much.  😞

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I have the 3G $25 plan.   I had a 4G $25 plan before with a different provider.  

I re-activated the account I had here - I only made one community account.   So, I am not sure I understand you accurately - but, is that what you're saying?   So, you can't change usernames (here)?


I don't know anyone from the old rewards system who is leaving PM or willing to 'give me' their account.  


It's unfortunate - I thought that was a good discount.   I was looking forward to it but it looked bad that it was not mentioned anywhere on the site - so I kind of expected that they removed it.  


Thanks for your reply and the info. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Leaving  0ld rewards are gone for new sign on members.. no way of going back either.. unless your on it now.. your out of luck.. now your on the point system…

Mayor / Maire

HI @Leaving  (or do you want to your Community name to "ComingBack"? LoL)


  1.  if the old account was closed permanently, you can reuse the email to activate new account
  2.  The new rewards system is now the only rewards system for new activation.  People who were on the old rewards can stay but all new activation will be on the new rewards system.  
    Yes, the new rewards system removed the $2 Autopay discount.   Instead, you get 5% point back in Public Points. It will be same or better if you are on $40 plan and above.  
    But the main loss is in fact the Loyalty reward is now replaced with Anniversary reward on the new reward system.


And sorry, no way to get back to the old rewards system unless you happen to find someone who planning to just leave and willing to let you take over the account