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All of Sudden Gmail emails to text dont work last week.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi to whom this concerns,


I have been using my Gmail account to occasionally send an Email to my phone via text, it stopped working now.


I am using this ********** using this protocol.


Funny thing, I just tested on Yahoo and it works, so maybe a Gmail thingy.


Any help in this regards would be greatly appreciated.


@Yummy- It looks like the list was edited to add the m at the end.

That one sends an mms, not sms.

@softech wrote:,

Interesting! And good to know!

Mayor / Maire

@BubbsyBrown and I tried on Gmail sending to, no problem


any error message you got? bounce back?  are you using Gmail app to webpage? try both ways and try on different machine 


and try the different domains as well



Mayor / Maire

Just tried; works like a charm.

Mayor / Maire

@BubbsyBrown did you try other domains??,


[Update: list edited to add other MMS domains]:


Mayor / Maire

Works for me. Doesn't help you at all. 🙂

Are you using an iphone?