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Addon added by error - how to reverse!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I just added an addon of 15$ (my bad), for something that I completely don't need or plan to use.

How can I reverse that? I paid using credit card.

Thank you for your time!


@not-trust-anyon- I'm here illustrating a beautiful example of what the concern over adding posts to a thread either before a solution but long after or after a solution.

Please notice how nobody else has added to this thread. The question was asked. You provided the only answer that the customer needed. The customer chose to thank you by clicking on Accept as solution. No one else has said anything more. Done. We're only 2 hours past but I think we're good (until some smart aleck comes along 🙂 )

This is excellent forum etiquette. Please take note.

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