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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My Data is to expire on 08/12/2022. On 08/10/2022 added $Can 25.00 . The system did not updated the expiry date yet


Mayor / Maire


The expiry date won't be updated until you go thrubrenewalband tbecsepystem debits your plan amount from your account balance. It will update the expiry date sometime between 6am eastern and noon eastern on Day 1 of your new 30 Day cycle.

Mayor / Maire

@vicn are you looking at the "Current Plan Cycle:" dates in your My Account?


If so, these are showing 31 days, not 30. This is currently showing incorrectly with the new upgrades.

So if your end date says August 12th, I believe that will be the 1st date of your next cycle.

Therefore, your end date of this cycle should be the last day tomorrow, August 11st. Just based on what you are saying anyhow.


Mayor / Maire


go to your account do you see that amount at Available Fund then ok keep it for next cycle will be taken from there automatically.