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Accounts cross-linked

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


My son and my wife both have accounts with Public Mobile.  However, the email address for my wife's account appears to be linked to my son's number - text messages to validate a password change usually end up on his phone, and they codes are accepted to login to the account.  However, the account that I actually access through that process is not in fact for his number, it's for my wife's.  Only her number is shown in the account, and certain actions on the account that generate a confirmation text do go to her number (not to my son's number, even though his number worked to reset the password).

I am not actually able to get into my son's account at all.  The actual contract document (they were both set up the same day) shows that her email was assigned to his account - I suspect that her email is actually associated with both accounts somehow, and that the system is very confused. 

The one bonus was in trying to see if there was another email associated with my son's account, I did discover an old Public Mobile account for him that was cancelled and abandoned a long time ago (got locked out and couldn't get back in, so just switched providers).  It turns out Telus has quietly been billing that account all this time - but never got any emails, and there would be no texts because the number hasn't been used for a year.  Should have checked my card statement more carefully, but it's hard to match up card payments with the right specific accounts.  It's impossible to remove a card number from payment - it only allows it to be replaced - so the only way to 'cancel' an account appears to be to turn off auto-renew and wait for the account to time itself out due to non-payment. Guess that's probably all by design to make it hard to cancel, but at least it will save me some going forward.


Tried to raise a ticket but it's not clear what phone number will be associated with it, and live chat invitation never came through.  It's all radio silence....     any ideas?    Maybe time to ditch the number again?  But it's on auto-pay as well, and I have no idea what account or how to get in to stop that auto-pay.   No wonder they encourage people to have auto-pay set up, must make lots from people that forget to cancel, or cannot get in to cancel.  Live and learn.




Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Just open a ticket from your account and explain what's happened. Give them the email addresses to associate with each phone number. 

To obtain a ticket, click on and enter your question in SIMon. Follow / invent the prompts until you reach the Contact Us button, click on it and a Submit Ticket button should appear. To confirm that your ticket has been submitted, check the SEND box in your private messages; click on the small envelope next to your avatar at the top right of your screen.


If you have problems submitting a ticket, you can also send a private message to the CSAs. Click:

Mayor / Maire

Only one unique email can be associated with one PM account. Unless there is a huge bug in a system when you signed up, it is not possible to have same email on more than one account.

It is possible though to use email aliases to open multiple accounts when emails to differetn persons will end up in same mailbox (ex. is the same as but since emails are different (extra DOT) it is OK to use for PM).

Make a nice diagram who is getting what; try to access all accounts. Document everything so you are clear what is off and contact agent to resolve your issues.

Mayor / Maire


Although its not meant to happen there are times that the same email is used for more than one account and the system accepts it. In doing so one of the accounts masks the other's log in and only customer support can access it to change the email. Then the account can be logged into . Contact customer support with a new email for your son's account.


The old account of your son's raises and interesting conundrum. It is likely on the $$ rewards program with a loyalty reward that had been accumulating. Does your son really like his current phone #? Are your newer accounts on the $$ rewards or the points program? If you just want to abandon it then I can give you a spent ($0) credit gift card to replace the current card that will cause the autopay to fail and 90 days hence cancel the account.


I would also be interested in taking it over if you are just going to let it die.....I have someone in mind who needs a low cost mobile plan and $$ rewards would really help them out. If either offer interests you (the credit gift card or the account takeover or both?) send me a private message.