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Account on Hold

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello, I recently got an email that my account is on hold for non payment.  I have auto pay set up and I’m not sure what happened.  I live in an area without cell service, I am unable to sign into my account to pay my bill, because public mobile is trying to send me a six digit code to my cell phone which I cannot access without cell service.  They already sent me a six digit confirmation code via email, which I used during one of the steps, now they are sending me a code to my phone. My hands are tied and I cannot pay my bill. Do I have to be going to an area outside my community where there is cell service just to pay my bill? I have this phone for when I travel, I don’t use it much.  But I’d like to reactivate my account just the same.  


Mayor / Maire


You also have the option the second time around of having the 2FA code to be sent via voice call. If you choose this method make sure you immediately call your phone # (from a different phone #) and press "*" when your voicemail picks up and enter your voicemail password pin.

Keep in mind that the precorded voice message that leaves the 2FA code speaks very quickly and the first digit often gets cut off in the message so you may need repeat the message to get full 6 digit code.



If you have completed the setup of EverSafe ID, you can ask the code to send to email instead

On the screen it is expecting you to enter the code, click Resend code and then choose Send email

or if you know your 4 digit account pin, call *611 and make a payment there 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Once they attempt to send your 2FA code via SMS you'll see.a resend link.  Click that and you should have option to send the code via email.  Try that.

Mayor / Maire


Auto pay can fail


To make payment and reactivate plan .. if you know PIN number you can *611 with a voucher and *611  no PIN needed . You can also do this by by calling 18554PUBLIC . otherwise log into self serve make manual payment and reactivate service and or update credit card if necessary

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