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Account closure

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently switched to another service provider and switched my phone number over, it seems like my account was deleted (I created a new one under the same email after being indefinitely logged out) I think there may have been an outstanding balance, also I never received a closure email or anything of the sort.


a) is there any way to clear my outstanding balance now that my account is deleted?

b) how can I ensure that my account was actually closed and I won't be accruing more balance? 

I'm mostly just worried about this potentially affecting my credit score.




Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@mfiddeswaldon hi once you port a number your account is permanently closed you do not owe anything since this is a prepaid service you will not be charged for anything in the future 😀

Mayor / Maire

Once you port out, your account is automartically closed out. But, that said,...keep an eye on you bank account tomake sure no debits are incurred to PM.

Any outstanding balance you may have had is gone once you ported out of PM.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Nothing will happen to your credit score. They don't actually technically know who you are. You never verified your identity.

By porting out you left behind any value. How much was there? Enough to pay your plan?

When porting out the account gets closed. But if you remember about when in the month you would have renewed next then watch your credit card if your balance was less than your plan cost. If nothing happens then you're done.

Mayor / Maire

If you're asking if you owe anything...the answer is no. PM is a prepaid service so you pay ahead of time for your cell service. With Public Mobile, you'll never be billed later on when you leave. Your account is closed down once you port away, no $$ owing.

If you're asking about any $$ you had left in Available Funds...again...once you port out, those $$ are gone.