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Activation Pin Issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I purchased a card from my local gas station to top up my phone and when I enter in the card I am getting an error message about the card. I need assistance to get the funds loaded to my account, the store is refusing to refund me. I tried calling and you guys don’t even have any live representatives to speak with. 


Please wait a few hours before trying again. There can be delay before vouchers start working.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@Woody60 Hi some vouchers take up to 24 hours to activate you may have to wait until tomorrow  did you try dialing *611 on your phone?

Mayor / Maire

@Woody60  - who did you try calling, what number? There is no phone number with public mobile customer support.


If you tried both on self serve and through 611, and perhaps a different set of 12 digits, that may also be the number to use to redeem the funds, and still having issues after retrying in a few hours or tomorrow, then contact CSA for assistance.


Public Mobile Representatives customer support agents (CSA) can be contacted by either two methods, found here: