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Account can’t active and can not reveive the code so can not access my account so can’t pay

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The automatic payment credit card is no longer valid, causing the automatic payment to fail. The account is suspended due to non-payment. There is no way to receive the verification code, the fee cannot be paid, and the automatic payment Visa card cannot be updated.

what shall I do? 


Mayor / Maire

hi @Rachel123456 

you can try to get code via email.  Select Didnt receive code and then send email

if no email option and you want to activate first, get a voucher from Shoppers drugs mart and load the voucher via *611


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


In order to regain access to the account you should be able to hit a “didn’t receive code option” when asked to enter in the code upon login. It looks like this:


Clicking this will open up a different window where you can select to have the code sent to you via email:


Once in your account you can go to the payments tab, then hit manage subscription, and then manage the payment method.

Worst case scenario you can also purchase a voucher from a shoppers, gas station, or from an online service like Muskbird and add it to your account with *611. This will allow you to resume service and then you can update the payment method afterwards if you wish. 

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