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5G not working anymore

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

i have iphone 13, ios 16.7.2. i've subscribed for 5G plan, last month i had 5G, this month i don't. i 've done all the steps as per live chat, reset my network setting and etc. still 5G is not showing up in my cellular data setting.

i couldn't submit any ticket, there's always an error while submitting and it's not mentioning what error

"AI service provider", day light robbery!, not recommended to anyone


Mayor / Maire

@ali1360   Check that you don't have low data mode on as that will disable 5G.  If that's not it try turning airplane mode on, wait several minutes and then turn it off again (this is an Apple suggestion for no 5G).  My iPhone 13 was getting 5G on ios16, and still does now I updated to ios17 so yours should too.  If no luck use the link already posted to contact customer service by private message, the chatbot/ticket system is broken.

Mayor / Maire

@ali1360  Maybe start with updating your iOS to the newest version ios 17.1.2 and see if that helps and also ensure you have 5G selected in phone settings . Also note you will still get faster speeds of 100mbs of a 4G plan with phone set  to 4G/LTE you can do speed test to confirm 

Speed test

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Here’s the link to submit a ticket to a Public Mobile CS agent.

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