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$45 Plan

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I received an advertising email from Public Mobile. As I scrolled through, there was a section that was promoting 4G plans, in small writing it described the plan I currently have ( 20G for 45$) which was available for a short time awhile ago (which I switched to). I would like to get my husband the same plan but when I went to search for it the only 4G plan that comes up is $40 ( was$60) for 15G (which we will switch him to on next renewal, since he  currently has the $15 plan) . So I went back to the email where the 2OG plan is described, there is a "buy now" button so I clicked it. It sent me to a page that appears to be for purchasing a new SIM. So here's my question(s)... To get the 20G plan for 45$ do we have to purchase a new SIM? Does the option to choose this plan come up after you purchase the new SIM? And does that mean starting a whole new account? If so does that mean he would lose all his Rewards and then be switched to the "new" rewards system? Why is this 20G for $45 plan not available to loyal PM customers?( I can't find it in the Plans listings...there is only a $35 plan and the $40/was $60plan is this correct?)



This issue was solved and the questions correctly answered a few weeks ago. There's no reason to bump this thread, especially with false information.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Thank you to everyone responding and especially those with screen shots showing what to look for and mentioning the yellow arrow. When I looked earlier today, there was no yellow arrow, but PM had also listed the current plan/details and the change plan details on next renewal incorrectly. There were a number of things screwed up in "my account" and things just were not looking nor working right. I'm wondering if there was some glitch in the system at work today.

After seeing your responses I went back through my account again, only 2 plans showed up again and I started searching for that yellow arrow ( thank you again for mentioning it)... I finally found it at the bottom of the screen after scrolling through the whole page ( which I did also do earlier and it was not there then) this time it appeared at the bottom, after all the fine print, and when I clicked it it did show the other plans. Very thankful to find the better $45 20G plan. ( Didn't want to be paying $60 for 15G, which is what it listed in My Account for next renewal). 

Thanks again Community for all your help, you are all great! ,😊

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

thanks! I look forward to using it then 😄


Of course I am just a customer and I don't have insider source, but these deals has been on for some time, so I wouldn't worry they will be gone any time soon

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

how long will these deals last? I just purchased a new SIM which will arrive in 2 business days.. I'm afraid by the time it arrives all of these deals will be gone which would have defeated the purpose of me switching to public



the $45 - 20GB is still available on My Account:



Mayor / Maire

@J-L  it’s still there 

To change plan sign into my Account and go to plan add-ons tab and use yellow arrow to scroll thru 3G and 4G plans .



Once you find plan you want be sure to change on renewal date . So you don’t lose out on current cycle


@J-L   the $45 for 20GB plan is still available.  


if you just check , it is not there

However, when you activate with a new sim (or change plan on existing account using My Account)  the $45-20GB plan will be avaiable to choose



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