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$40 for 15GB promo renewal didnt work, no $5x5month referral, $35 for 20gb not available to existing

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

On Oct 26, 2022 I ported to PM using a referral code.


Initial plan: $40 for 5gb + 12GB BONUS 12 months promo

+$10 referral up front, then $5 referral for 5 months, 3x reward points ($6 per month)


On Oct 31, 2022 I chose change plan at next renewal for the better deal $40 for 15GB.


At 30 days (On Nov 25, 2022) the plan did not change to the $40 for 15GB, it stayed at the $40 for 5GB and the 12 months for 12gb promo is still on the account, although since day 1 it says it is in cycle 2/12 and still shows cycle 2/12.


Today at 30 days I see that there is again a better plan but this time it is available to "new customer only". of $35 for 20GB for 15 months.



- Rate plan did not change at renewal as process (yes I have screen shots)

- Did not receive the $5 referral bonus for 5 months despite CS agent confirming that would be the case before signing up.

- New promo yet again that is again better $35 for 20GB for 15 months on the day of my renewal where I am stuck with the original plan and was charged for it. This $35 for 20gb is available to new customers only. Guess I am not new customer after just 30 days. Even if I was to switch, I just paid for 1 month service this morning through the renewal.

- Data usage not being updated on PM site, shows 0.85GB used entire month, the 12 month promo cycle shows as cycle 2/12 from day 1 and still doing after the first 30 days.

- Reward points did not appear yet, but I think I read that it takes 48 hours?


Not a great welcome to PM for first 30 days of service. Opened a ticket for promo not changing. Didn't let me type anything, so I tried to open a second ticket for the $5for 5 months referral bonus but it kept giving me 404 error using any browser to the link provided by SIMON for opening the ticket.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

the $5 reward does not show under payments either.


The plan did change it displays properly in incognito mode or by clearing cookies.


Thanks for your help.

F_ido is out with a $25 for 20GB deal today that I will be switching to today as this is a bad start with PM. The 6x reward points (15%) also wasn't clear that you cannot redeem until you earn 15 points, so the plan isn't less 6 dollars per month but is less 15 dollars every 3-4 months. 


I still didnt get the $5 reward, neither did the referring account, the new promo not being available to new customers also isn't great. 404 errors on trying to create ticket isnt great either, tried different browsers, switching carriers instead, too bad the plan renewed this morning and billed for a month

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

As for the $5 it doesn’t show under rewards I asked this last week as someone signed up during that time. Try going here; Go into self service and choose the Payment tab and then Payment History. Do you see a credit for RAF $5.00? 

as for the plan change try clearing your cache and reloading. My friend had a similar issue and then tried to do “change now” to redo the plan and it worked and the next day without him reaching out they credited his account. I think there is a glitch in there somewhere 

Mayor / Maire

Public Mobile has web page cache issue so you might be looking at obsolete status. Try using different browser. Try Incognito mode. Clear browser’s cache. Try forced refresh. Use computer and not phone to log in. Click on little spinner refresh icons lower down.


After refreshing browser and/or applying all these remedies, is you still see old plan, come back and we will try to advise how to proceed.


To contact agent:

If ticketing does not work very first time, contact agent directly.

- Send a private message to the CSA - agent by clicking (Ctrl+)Here

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