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[Resolved] System Issue: Accounts in Suspend

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Update: The account suspend issue has been resolved. Thank you.



Hey Community, 


We’re currently having some issues with our Monthly Renewal Charge and Auto Top-Ups, causing some customer accounts to mistakenly go into suspend. Our team is working on a fix, all services for impacted accounts are expected to be reinstated by 4pm EST. Check back for more updates. We’ll also update this post when the issue is resolved. 


Thank you,


- Public Mobile Team

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@Joy_trad wrote:

Phone didn't work at all

OK, so try suggestion provided by @softech  and let us know if that helps.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Tried that multiple times but kept getting "oh no, something went wrong" website errors.


Logged out and back in and my account doesn't say suspended anymore.. looks like the glitch is fixed because i was able to manual pay now 🙂 i can make phone calls atleast. I will reset my phone and try to get my 3G and sms working too

Autopay has been known to fail ...occasionally. To avoid Suspension of service, I manually pay a few days ahead of time, for my PM cell service. My cc is still set to Autopay so I still get the Autopay Reward...and I've never been Autopay far.

Good luck.

@Joy_trad   glad it works in the end!!


FYI, if you see the "Oh no" message, try to close the browser, relaunch but use Incognito mode instead



Do you always prepay a few days before.. And when you say it fails occasionally.. Is that once every few years or once every other month..eish I didn't have to worry about them not applying payment 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


I just found today that my account was suspended and I can't receive or make a call..I'm on monthly automatic payment with my credit card which is not expired ...

Any help plz 



@adil-5aar  Unfortunately Autopay fails sometimes.   


So, you were on My Account and confirmed account was suspended?   To to make a manual payment.


Go to Payment Tab, click One time payment, then use the option "Other (Enter the desired payment amount)" option and manually enter you plan amount.  (Do not use Amount Due as it likely won't work)


Once you see the payment goes through successfully, click no the "Reactivate current plan" button if there is one


Then logoff from My Account and reboot your phone.  it should be good


You'll need to make a manual payment to pay for the plan. Instead of using amount due, use other for payment type.

Are you on autopay? Was it today your renewal date?

Maybe autopay failed...


Login to My Account, select Payment, click on the One time Payment and try to manually pay with Amount Due option there. If it fails, then use the option "Other" and manually enter your plan amount. Service/plan should automatically reactivate.

And it will not hurt to, once payment is completed, to logoff and reboot the phone.


If it doesn't reactivate then go to the plans or usage page and click on the lost stolen feature. Suspend your service. Log out/in. Resume your service. Your plan should automatically reactivate.

This happens every now and then and seems to be happening to many over this past week. A manual payment will fix it ...for now