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Continued Enhancements to the Public Mobile App

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community, 

We are excited to share our latest update to the Public Mobile app.

We've made all the Payment Tab screens native within the app. This means faster performance and fewer steps to manage your payments, making everything a lot smoother and easier for you. 

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have been able to prioritize and implement changes that enhance functionality and user interaction. While it's impossible to address every concern immediately, we are dedicated to making thoughtful, incremental improvements.

Please continue sharing, and to sign up for future user testing opportunities to contribute feedback directly to the team working on these enhancements. Thank you! 

Keep an eye out for more updates in the future as we continue app updates and improvements.

The Public Mobile Team 



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Bruh, app is okayish. Website is terrible. 

If you guys don't know how to make a good responsive website, do let me know. Can hook you up to great devs who can develop a much better website and app at fraction of cost what you are paying now. 



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Can a customer remove their payment information themselves atleast now, or they have to write to the bots and wait for days, hoping no payment will be charged by Telus' industry first '30 day billing' practice?

Great way to maximise AMPU - Average Margin Per User, with terribly lousy support, from bots! 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Its great for you to streamline how you get $$$.

I have expertise in Telecom since 1972. I've had many dealings with cx and tech employees throughout my 45-year career before retiring recently. Yes that means= old.

A day after my e-sim was installed, I left for the US and have had a terrible experience with drop calls and slow speeds. I am waylaid in Smashville hope things improve soon.

All the telecoms have had tons of $Millions in gov grants to build the original information highway and continue the equip upgrades. They ALL owe us better service, but especially Public Mobile.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Why does the app always log one out? It defeats the purpose of having an easily accessible app.

Mayor / Maire

hi @Ck_PM 

the enhancement  is great!!

But I notice one thing, my own account, the new Payment screen has both Add voucher and add payment via credit card button

But in my other account, I only see Add voucher and not add payment via credit card button, any reason why?

i tried to reinstall on that phone, same.  

Is that an app problem?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I still can't add any funds manually cause you have removed that button for some accounts. I know I can do it via the chatbot or using a link, but that requires extra annoying steps of logging in to a browser using an sms code. I don't know why you removed it on the app or why you still can't fix it.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@Johnula yes there is! Check out the Google Play store or Apple app store if that's what it's called, look for public mobile. 

I prefer the website interface but they are a few things you can do in the app that you can't do here.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I don't know if the receipt available via the app is affected but when I looked at the receipt available via the app the taxes aren't listed on the receipt. 

Why does the website show the taxes on the next payment but a receipt doesn't show it which is an official document?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

There's a Public Mobile app?

Mayor / Maire

@Ck_PM  Thanks for the update . Be nice if you could add funds in the app from the credit card on file like you can on the website . And not just add voucher 

Mayor / Maire

@Ck_PM , Thank you for posting the update.

I saw the Public Mobile app update earlier today when I updated my apps on my device. It looks good. The more organized the app is the easier it is for those using it to find everything. 🙂

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Ck_PM It would be nice to unify the account and the community login in the app

I can stay logged in in my account in the app. On the other hand, there's no way to access the community through the app and the browser login in the community always times out forcing me to login repeatedly to try to do check for a response from PM which still has not come after 3 weeks and about nine messages.

Furthermore, please make all "new activation only" plans available for change on renewal by your existing customers in the app.

Because PM is a prepaid 30-day plan, all subscribers are free to port out and port back in to get these new activation plans anyways. However, all these unnecessary and additional new activations only increase the number of new activation problems, the complaints in the community and the backlog with @CS_Agent . P.M. should do themselves and their customers a favor and make the change on renewal much simpler and reduce the number of new activation problems for everybody.

This current new activation policy is particularly punitive for seniors and low-income customers who wish or need to downgrade their plans and save some money.

You also hurt your most loyal customers who have built up many referrals to benefit PM over the years. All those referrals would be lost if those customers need to port out and port back in. 

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