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Check out our new Help Videos!

Hey Community,


We know that everyone takes in information differently- and so a while ago, following the launch of our new Help Articles, we reached out to you to ask about which ones you’d like to see become videos.


We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we do- We love that they’re snappy, fun, and easy to digest. Plus, they’re super easy to share with others! So, the next time a friend’s got a question related to these topics, feel free to send them a video!


Without further ado, here they are:


YouTube Link

Self-Serve Account Management


How to use your Phone & Plan Features





For now, you’ll find our Help Videos on our YouTube page. Keep your eyes peeled for when they make their way into our Get Help page and all sorts of other places Smiley Happy


Let us know what you think down below!


-Public Mobile Community Team

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

Videos are a great idea.  Maybe they should also be posted under Knowledge base and getting started.


They did seemed to be fast paced and announcer's voice had the tone of an infomercial.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Check out our new Help Videos!


Further ado should be taken for fixing the autopay issues.

The first video demonstrates a change plan. It directs the viewer to do change plan now. This should have a warning in the video. The demonstration should really direct the viewer to change plan at next renewal.


The announcer uses a little too much vocal fry a little too frequently for my liking. But that's just me.


Other than those two nitpicks...nice.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

One of the video shows plan change now without explaning the pitfalls of chancing plan on a prepaid plan.  Big NO refund of unused days.


Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

I find these videos contain too much of a "marketing spin" as if focused on telling customers what this service offers rather than a theme of providing how to help.  The discussion is way too fast for a new customers to take in everything.  The topics are not covered exhaustively.  Other members already picked up on the need to cover both immediate and future dated plan change with detailed explanation of both with ramifications. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

@Alan_K I have to echo @z10user4 and @popping :  the self-serve account management video is going to do more harm than good becuase it doesn't talk about the two options for plan changes and the implication of doing an immediate plan change.  You are setting up the moderator team and community for a flood of people that will not understand why they have been charged again and wondering where their refund is for unused portions.  Also:  when talking about setting up the credit card you should mention that the name and address have to match up exactly like they display on your credit card statements.  


Don't even get me started on the rewards video.  Sorry, it's pretty dreadful.  And what is he talking about as long as his referrals stay active they both save?  No, only the person who referred the new customer.  


For overall tone, I have to agree with @will13am also that these are more glossy/marketingy than actually HELPful.  Sorry.


EDIT: I'm going to elaborate on this last point.  These videos don't actually tell you how to do anything, or offer tips on things that commonly lead to issues and confusion (entering your credit card info, filling out the porting form, options for changing your plan now or later and what they do, etc etc).  Thus, these are not help videos, they are just marketing promos.  


EDIT 2: if you'd like some examples of how confusing the plan change system is and why you need some how videos around it, let's start with this current example:  I can start tagging you on every instance of this confusion that I see if you like, @Alan_K !

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Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

Just watched the videos and in agreement with everyone here.  I found them a way to fast paced to actually be a help video.  The change plan will just anger people when they are asked to pay again.  I am knowledgeable and comfortable with the self-serve and still found it fast to follow.  I found it more of a commercial than a help video

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Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

The announcer was too fast, the music was too much.  I agree with all that has already been said.


A howto vidéo should be 3-5 minutes in length, focused on one subject, and spoken at a pace about about a word every 2 seconds.  These need to be instructional, and should also be.captioned, and bilingual.

Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

I see these videos as marketing tools.  


For the rewards video, I can't see many people keeping track of the calculations in their heads, and the example used again of how customers can get a $0 plan seems more of a commercial than anything else.


In my opinion, the other two videos are better, but go through so many topics in such a fast pace, that essentially nothing was demonstrated in any in depth detail.  Less is more in this case.  I also see the multiple topics in each video just confusing customers more.


It almost seems as if you snap your fingers and it's all done.  I believe that people who understand most of the content in these videos will have already been familiar with Public Mobile.  I'm not so sure the new customer is going to be able to digest all this.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Check out our new Help Videos!

I will keep it short and sweet,sorry but the videos really suck!! I hope you didn't pay anyone to make them  lol