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Re: CONTEST NOW CLOSED- Win a $100 Amazon gift card with our More is Merrier Community contest!

@Alan_K wrote:

Happy holidays and thank you for participating! I am beyond amazed with how much this contest has taken off, and we'll be sure to share the winners of this contest shortly after we're back in the new year. Smiley Happy




I know it's a bit late, but I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone! It's been amazing seenig the response to this contest and I'm excited to announce a list of everyone who has claimed their prize so far!


Congrats to @MartineP@Mackenzie14@Kenglish@Js44@Trood, and @debbiekw who have claimed their $100 Amazon e-giftcards!


A big shout-out to everyone who has claimed their $50 Amazon e-giftcards:

Azbar, ant2, smc0187, tobey, jkroes, danielj, Duey, MoreYummy, Claytr0n, MarcSavoie, Langschool ,Cindirs, nikgenius, happynow1, UFO, ravenous, fibi200329, toadcw, Towertech12, ammdas, donnytschetter, 604cx9, davidalastair, JenL, Morgan20, arneveu, codyackert, and Czy


Finally, congratulations to every who has claimed their $10 Amazon e-giftcards: 

Mickael, MrRed, tamderek, thenorm08, atan2003, Bluesnoopy, Hendrik, ashleybowers08, italocan, mfizz55, CanuckNick , sensiblecynic, mojomiko, coffeeth, Soleil888, vonn90, kyrabarbero, bpg11,Katzie, gregbeeman777, Prithu, purewater, alisonchains, yoggee, Firstcell, Jax2011, UMM , Nolan1, aip0401,  asterwlau, jaherne, raphster, flager, Siltal, SharonMP, Irenka, djgaryb, archaiix, greg_mazeicarrier and hk0617


I hope you all had a great holiday season, and enjoy your prizes! Smiley Happy 

- Tiana

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