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Re: CONTEST NOW CLOSED- Win a $100 Amazon gift card with our More is Merrier Community contest!

@Alan_K wrote:

Happy holidays and thank you for participating! I am beyond amazed with how much this contest has taken off, and we'll be sure to share the winners of this contest shortly after we're back in the new year. 🙂




I know it's a bit late, but I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone! It's been amazing seenig the response to this contest and I'm excited to announce a list of everyone who has claimed their prize so far!


Congrats to @MartineP@Mackenzie14@Kenglish@Js44@Trood, and @debbiekw who have claimed their $100 Amazon e-giftcards!


A big shout-out to everyone who has claimed their $50 Amazon e-giftcards:

Azbar, ant2, smc0187, tobey, jkroes, danielj, Duey, MoreYummy, Claytr0n, MarcSavoie, Langschool ,Cindirs, nikgenius, happynow1, UFO, ravenous, fibi200329, toadcw, Towertech12, ammdas, donnytschetter, 604cx9, davidalastair, JenL, Morgan20, arneveu, codyackert, and Czy


Finally, congratulations to every who has claimed their $10 Amazon e-giftcards: 

Mickael, MrRed, tamderek, thenorm08, atan2003, Bluesnoopy, Hendrik, ashleybowers08, italocan, mfizz55, CanuckNick , sensiblecynic, mojomiko, coffeeth, Soleil888, vonn90, kyrabarbero, bpg11,Katzie, gregbeeman777, Prithu, purewater, alisonchains, yoggee, Firstcell, Jax2011, UMM , Nolan1, aip0401,  asterwlau, jaherne, raphster, flager, Siltal, SharonMP, Irenka, djgaryb, archaiix, greg_mazeicarrier and hk0617


I hope you all had a great holiday season, and enjoy your prizes! 🙂 

- Tiana

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