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Here's another loaded subject


Some people refuse to do it, others use a low percentage, others insist on high percentage regardless of service due to "feeling bad" for the servers


So how much do you normally leave?


Do you tip just at restaurants, or other places (eg Coffee shops, Fastfood, heck even Oil Change places and Grocery Stores ask these days)



National Post just ran a story about how alcohol servers in Canada are pulling in $100,000 per year from tips

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Re: Tipping

Peronally, I hate being felt required to leave a tip, but that of course is from the customer's point of view.  If from what someone has told me is accurate, in some other countries (Australia for example), tips are not expected and that it's actually the exception to leave one.


For me, I always thought of things as 15% (of the after tax total), so no there's no way think that you're being "cheap".  But honestly, we've usually done something even $10 or $20 on a $50 check.  That's probably overpaying but sometimes, it just seems simpler to leave an even amount.  Then again, me and friend of mine also have done someting equally cheap and bad in the sense if we feel that we've been ignored the whole night, or if we have to ask 2 or 3 times for the bill, and even have to go as far as asking a different server for our bill, we have left 1 cent tips (not regulary, but maybe 1 or 2 times in a 5 year period).


I think that it gets a little more complicated if you become a regular at a restaurant.  If you normally give 20 to 30% tips, I think they come to expect it, and if you suddenly leave only 15%, they think they've done something wrong or that you unhappy.  In reality, sometimes, you just can't afford to be giving a higher percentage each and every time.


Some of the larger companies and brands (including frachises) forbid employees from taking tips. 





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Re: Tipping

The issues with % is it has nothing to do with work


If you buy a $30 bottle of wine you leave $4.50 tip

If you buy a $100 bottle of wine you leave $15 tip


Same server doing same work yet huge diff in what is "expected"

Same issue with a more pricey restaurant vs one where you used a coupon etc


And what happens at say a buffet where you are self serving?


Or better still; if you eat faster (letting server serve more tables per hour) should you then reduce tip amount since less work? (refills or courses or etc)



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Re: Tipping

I hate being obliged to tip as well. Give a little extra to whoever helps you while they're doing their job. Ridiculous. Then I really hate it when the actual business owner is doing the serving.

Then how much? A waiter? A bellman? A haircut? The person in the department store? (do they still have those Smiley Happy )

Where else? The cashier because they rang you through and took your money?

It's all ridiculous.

Go into the job expecting to make your wage. A whole other discussion could be on that alone. There are gazillions of jobs that serve people that don't "require" a tip.


Can't stand it.

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Re: Tipping

@kav2001c please feel free to send me tips for good [PM community] service via interac e-transfer  Robot LOL Robot LOL

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Re: Tipping

I don't have any trouble with tipping, I don't tip for anything except a sit down meal at a non fastfood restaurant.  If the food was great and service was great - 20%. If food was OK service was OK - 10‰. If neither were any good - 0%


Here is the only time I struggle: food great or good service sucks. Ask to speak to the chef, hand him/her the tip and voice the displeasure about the service.  If service great or good but food sucked, ask your server if they are required to share tips.  If no, give the tip to the server but voice displeasure about the meal, if they are required to share the tip, pay the bill with 0% tip. Then as you're leaving hand the server a "personal gift" (badly veiled tip) informing in no uncertain words that it is not a tip to be shared with cooks (wink, wink, nudge, nudge...).


All other sectors such as fast food,  take out, taxi, oil changes, convenience stores, hair salons. etc NO TIPPING.


Lastly, any merchant with the tipping function turned on with the debit machine  that is NOT a sit-down  Restaurant will definitely hear my deriding remarks about the attempt at making me feel bad if i withhold a tip. Yes I know that the attendant/clerk is not the person responsible for the feature being enabled and I'm not rude to them. I ask if the owner is present first and if so chew their ear off if not I ask them to pass on my displeasure. 


Yes it embarrasses the hell out of my wife or kids if they're with me because they have fallen prey to the trend of "not causing drama". I refuse to be silenced .

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Re: Tipping

I tip.  I do so in places that staff do not make the Provincial minimum wage, as their employer fails to treat them as human beings.  Wait and bar staff, are assumed to get tips in Ontario, so many employers in both chains and mom and pop small business in the food services industry continue to offer the ‘server’ minimum wage, rather than the general minimum wage.


i have tipped 1¢ once, and I hope I never have to do it again.  The service was awful, the establishment was empty, the food took forever to come to the table, the food was cold, and smelled of cigarette smoke.  We sent it back, and waited again for food to be prepared.


I have a few places where I go on a somewhat regular basis, and those servers and wait staff provide excellent service, and rarely does the kitchen mess up.  I’m a union member, and I am a community minded customer, always looking to support local business first, and unionized businesses preferred.


No one should be working in a community for less than they’re worth, and no one should be refusing to tip those who are working in underpaid jobs to make a living.

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Re: Tipping

i usually tip, but sometimes on services like take out i don't feel like i should have to tip for someone doing exactly the job requirements.  i hate when they hand you the terminal and it prompts you for tips and they're watching you so you feel obligated.


i'm not tipping for being handed a muffin at the kiosk...

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Re: Tipping

I always leave minimum 15%. Good service is 18-20%

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Re: Tipping

I don't understand why tax and tips can't be included in the final price.  If servers aren't being paid right, increase the menu price so they do.  The customers would then know exactly what they are getting into.  If you want customers to give out a fair amount, just state it.  Don't stare at me akwardly if I don't give enough.  Tips are annoying, I would request a flat price for everything, and if your server really went above and beyond just tell them.  Tips are like gifts/bonuses/recognitions, how often do you receive them at your workplace?