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Tips for transferring phone number from Zoomer Wireless to Public Mobile

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello all!

I had a lot of trouble transferring my phone number from Zoomer Wireless before finding the solution, so I wanted to share it here.

1) Instead of providing the IMEI, provide your Zoomer account number

2) Your Zoomer account number is 9 digits, so you must add 00 to the 7-digit account number that is shown in your Zoomer Wireless account

3) Zoomer does not send a text asking you to consent to the transfer, nor does it send a text to confirm that the transfer is complete (These are texts that the Public Mobile agent will asked me to watch for). I knew the transfer was complete when I logged into Zoomer and my phone number was shown as "inactive", and my phone was displaying "Public Mobile" as the network provider. 

4) If you are using a phone that can support multiple SIMs/e-SIMS, the correct IMEI number is likely listed under "IMEI2" instead of "IMEI". (I'm not sure about this one because my transfer went through with my account number, but the Public Mobile porting agent said IMEI2 might be the right number). 


Initially, I tried to transfer my number using my IMEI number. Then, I got a message saying "Hey, it's Public Mobile. We're having trouble transferring your number. Looks like you entered an incorrect ESN/MEID. Someone from our team will contact you shortly using your original phone number or the alternate number provided. You can also get in touch via our virtual assistant at:" When I chatted with the agent, I was told to wait for the consent-to-transfer text that Zoomer does not send. Then, I was redirected to a porting support agent who told me that my number is "ineligible for transfer" when I gave my 7-digit Zoomer account number... I then called Zoomer and found out that I needed to add 00 before my Zoomer account number, and then the transfer went through with that. Hopefully this will help you to skip all these troubles I had!


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Thanks a lot for sharing. Porting is always an issue sometimes I find and lots of users face issues doing that. While for some reason I didn't have any issues, I think it has to do with where you are porting from as well. 

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