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Mayor / Maire

Public Mobile Text Message Numbers and types of Messages Sent.

Since joining Public Mobile I have personallly received text messages from 4 different numbers. And learned about other ones sent out from questions answered. They seem to fall into 4 categories.  I'm going to attempt to list the numbers, categories and typical messages received from them:

1. 5129 - Compliance -  Mandatory CRTC  message. 

2. 5179 - Marketing - Upsell to Koodo, Telus.

3. 100 - Reward - Monthly rewards being applied to account. (Check to see if they are correct)

4. 611 - Accounting and Backend:

  1. 3 day payment reminder and payment thankyou message (Note- If thankyou message not received, autopay has failed)  
  2. Limited minute plans 10 minute  remaining reminder message.
  3. 50/50 10 text warning  message.
  4. 75% and 95% data usage reminder messages. (Note - there may be a bug here, it includes gift data and data add-ons, when, in my opinion it should just be for the regular plan/autopay bonus data.)
  5. Credit card expiry warning notice. Sent out one month in advance.
Mayor / Maire

Re: Public Mobile Text Message Numbers and types of Messages Sent.

There's an extensive list on link below that @Korth created. 


Never seen 5179 number. The other thread has 5131 as Koodo migration offers but who knows PM always changing things.


@gblackma good effort in taking the time to post this👍


                PM numbers click here 

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