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Website Account Access

Website Account Access

Hi guys, big fan of Public M, you guys are great, but your website access to account and account service is killing you.  You MUST make the site faster.  I can't wait 15 minutes for a page to load, I don't have time.  PLUS, please don't cancel account access at 60 days, my son, who pays for his own access doesn't always have the money to buy air time from month to month.  Then when he tries. he can't access a locked account.  Don't lock them until at least 120 days of inactivity.  this will help allot. 



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Also, Might I add, PLEASE show the Cell Phone number of the account on the main page of the OVERVIEW because my family has 4 lines with 4 different accounts and we never know which line's account we are logged into.  : )


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You can find the account phone number on the on the "Plans and Add-ons" tab.  It's only one more click from the overview page.  Certainly not a huge hassle, or at least I don't think it is.  Also, the account holder's name is already listed on the overview page... unless you've put all accounts under the same name, you could distinguish the accounts by the name attached.

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Also I never had to wait more then 40 seconds for page to completely load even on slow network if either loads of time-out. I am not sure about the 15 min deal. Also I tend to agree that the account page could use adjustments There is a lot of empty places they can add the info in it
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cancelling a phone is not PM's control it is CRTC that controlls that. it is done so numbers not in use can be used by others. 


pages load fine for me, max 30s after first sign in but then within seconds. Are you on dialup?

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I agree! Everything on the website feels very sluggish. I'm on Shaw 150 internet too, so definitely nothing to do with my internet speed. Hope the system maintenance coming up is going to optimize the website better.

Apart from the errant information provided in the account during payment time, there's nothing major that absolutely needs fixing.  The page loading can be slow at times, not a real test of anyone's patience.  I suspect that the server is probably gear abandoned from Telus.  Such is the nature of the beast with a discount brand.  I am staying the course on my theme of discount over frills.  If Public Mobile needs a penny pinching CFO, where do I drop off my resume?

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I agree here.


Although as another poster mentioned it never takes north of 40 seconds, I would ask that the access speed be improved especially when a brand advertises fast internet speeds.  Although it is a discount brand, it doesn't make the slow speeds okay given that PM consumer can't access *611 service.


I love PM, its concept and its pricing.  But I would appreciate it if access to the website did improve.  

Thanks for bringing up the suggestion.

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