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Occasional texting

Occasional texting

hi all!


I would REALLY like some SMS texting would be available, maybe as an addon! Or at least some par-per-use option.


I'm a new customer and I decided my plan would not include text messaging, because I text very rarely. And I thought I would be still able to send/receive text messages and pay per use. But now I found out I would have no texting at all, neither incoming nor outgoing.

Maybe I would never need a single message to be sent, but I'd like to be able to receive ones.


I was thinking about moving all my family to PM, but this only option of extra $30 for Global texting is too much.

P.S. I have 90 days Unlimited Talk Plan atm.

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If you only have the talk option, then as you've described, yes, there is no SMS available to you.  You would need to add the global text to your plan to have any texting.


Have you considered adding data to your plan?  The great thing about adding the data and SMS, along with the talk, the SMS actually becomes no cost to you, as the pick 3 choice discount is $60 on 90 day plan.

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Yes, I understand but I don't need the global texting.

And I would be glad to pay some smaller amount for "restricted" texting capability instead of changing operator.


Have you considered adding data to your plan?  The great thing about adding the data and SMS, along with the talk, the SMS actually becomes no cost to you, as the pick 3 choice discount is $60 on 90 day plan.

I'm afraid I need no data.


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@Azopp since texting has become such a large part of carrier's services, I think you'll be hard-pressed to find a plan that doesn't have texting. You're going to need to look to the "pay-as-you-go" options from providers such as Petro-Canada, President's Choice, 7-Eleven, etc. If I'm wrong about this, let me know. Robot Embarassed


You mentioned you were on a 90-day unlimited talk plan. What provider is that with, and how much are you paying for one of your lines?


If you went with PM on the 90-day, province-wide calling, 1GB data plan (texting would be free, as @stonechucker already pointed out) it would break down to $37 + taxes per month. That adds up to $41.81 per month (in Ontario). You save an extra $5 per month by going with the 90-day plan.


edit: I forgot to mention you also pay $2 less if you enable autopay, making your payment under $40! And... for each referral you make, you'll be saving $1 per month. If you have 4 lines, you'll be down to $36.16 per month.


If that's too much, and the options are not suited to your needs, then Public Mobile is probably not the carrier for you. They're not going to offer every option under the sun to gain one more customer. Simplicity is what's key. They offer certain take-it or leave-it options.


Looking forward to your reply! Robot Happy



To one of the PM moderators or oracles, I think this post would be better suited under Discussions, rather than Public Lab.


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"They offer certain take-it or leave-it options."


Exactly this. Unfortunately PM cannot please every potential customer.

Even though I am convinced that PM offers the cheapest plans in the country (talk+text+data), PM is not suitable for everybody.


@Azopp As you are finding PM does not offer something for everyone and I have directed some of my family to competitors. Smiley Sad


If you have a smartphone you could consider moving to voip for calling and texting, or purchase a data add-on so you can use a texting app (Textra has been recommended by other members). Add-ons never expire until completely used and the 1GB add-on would last many months for just texting. 


WRT to voip have a look here: Replace $90 plan


EDIT: May have led you astray as Textra seems to use carrier SMS service not data so look around, for example SMS on wifi/data 

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@daredogg, when mentioning the 90-day unlimited talk plan I meant the plan I'm using currently at PM.


Unfortunately PM cannot please every potential customer.

It seems I'm not alone. Few months ago I did check the community and found other people also need similar texting feature, and they posted several related Ideas in Community. For ex.:

and so on.



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I wonder where can I see the idea status?

Was it rejected, under consideration, or something else?

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Is anyone here?

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@Azopp PM will review ideas periodically and will write a response then. There is no set timeline for review.

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Thanks daredogg!