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Mobile App for PM

Mobile App for PM

I switched nearly a week ago and once I had made sure the service was working (call/text/data) I went to the app store/play store to see if there is a mobile app. To my surprise, all of the other phone companies had a "My Account" app but PM does not. 


I believe an app for PM would be extremely beneficial especially because it is a self-serve phone company. This app would allow customers to better understand and access their monthly bills, data usage, account, and rewards right from their phone. 


This app could allow the company to get their community more involved by implementing the forums into the app. This would allow for an increase in growth and interaction between customers and ultimately help create PM into the self-sustaining community it wants to be. 


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Yes, an app would be nice. Other customers have asked for it too. 🙂


This has been brought up many times before and I don't think PM will go in that direction.


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Koodo has abandoned their app and there is no chance PM will have an app.

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I have to admit that it is less likely now that Koodo recently abandonded their app, despite there being several requests. 

I added a CHrome chortcut to my phone screen which takes me direct to the sign in page.  

Sure it looks kind of tiny print -but i can hold landscape & zoom a bit & get what I want done (like activate an add on).. or actually start up my laptop....  My community replies with lots of typos are usually done on Chrome on my phone... tiny print...


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It would be easy for them to fix their mobile site (for managing your account) to be mobile friendly. Hopefully they'll do it, but not a huge priority I guess. They don't need an app.

I would focus energies on fixing the activation bugs that plague the system rather than an app. 

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Good idea OP.


Probably won't happen, but good idea nonetheless.

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It’s very easy for them to make one if they really intended to. They can just rebrand a Telus or Koodo one and implement their own features. But since we still haven’t seen one yet, they probably aren’t looking to make one.

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@YaBoyPitty Would you like to turn the self-serve and/or community site into apps?


Click here:


PS Welcome to Public Mobile!

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Yeah this seems very unlikely now that Koodo has abandoned their app. I just created a shortcut icon on my iPhone for 

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