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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
Status: Brand new

I see PM offers the sim cards for free albeit a wait time of 1 week for them to arrive at your place. I also see lot of ads on kijiji where greedy fellas want to cash in the "need" for PM Sim cards so people(like me) who couldnt/doesnt want to wait to set up service asap.


I know this could be a deterrent for a newbie to give PM a chance that it truly deserves rather than thinking of it as a hassle in lieu of the wait times.


Ofcourse there is fee for expedited delivery service of SIM Cards. But in this day and age, charging  / or being charged for a sim card which i believe costs pennies( if not fraction of pennies) to Telecom companies is truly absurd.


Why doesnt PM start a pilot project of making these sim card available for free by joining hands with say a retailer (freshco/ other grocery stores) where people do come often to shop commodities and even some PM vouchers for their needs and might as well get a sim card here.


Ofcourse, after all, having a cellular service is basic need/commidity these days.


Your thoughts and/or feedback is welcome

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Not a bad idea to offer free or cheap like $5 sim card at stores where PM vouchers are available for purchase.