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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire
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if rewards are based on community support ( bravos etc. ) i think it's time to overhaul this system as it can be easily fooled.... example: if i have 4 lines and 4 accounts but only use 1 user id to actually post /help others, i can use my other 3 to give myself one bravo after the other bringing myself up in the ranks in a hurry thus earning potentially undeserved rewards... i have seen that now a few times with people, who are just 1 week with PM but are already in the top 5 or so with very little posts but tons of bravos...




a post like "hi xxxxxx great post" suddenly receives 5-10 bravos without any merrit or info to it.....


just a "food for thought" ..



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

wow.. who has time for all these..

I have one account and hard to manage..

Don't have spare time for that much ... 


I have read that Bravo's are not the only determining factor and I agree the Bravo system can be abused.


Here are a couple of threads i started on the subject with what I have noticed

Mayor / Maire

The difference in account credits is only up to $6

And thats even assuming the boosting works as mods have punished people in past for cheating


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