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Affordable Talk/Text Plans

Affordable Talk/Text Plans

I know there are numerous suggestions for plan options, but since the removal of the 90-day/$90/1GB plan and a decision to not consider the Public Lab idea to bring it back, I have some thoughts about budget plans. The real appeal of PM for me and my community had been the possibility of paying ~30/mo and getting basic phone functionality with some data (even if it's just add-on data).


I propose creating at least one Talk/Text plan that is under $30. Currently the budget 90-day options are:


1. Province-wide talk, no text, no data - $76 ($25/mo)

2. Province-wide talk, Global Text, no data - $106 ($35/mo)

3. Province-wide talk, Global Text, 3GB - $111 ($37/mo)


I'm not including the data-only options that could include a VOIP service. For those of us in rural areas, LTE is not always available and even 3G is not always reliable. So, from the above three options, I believe PM should make Option #1 at $60 and #2 at $76. This would bring in more users looking for basic phone functionality and possibly consider adding data in the future.


Food for thought...


If 3G and LTE are unreliable then Public Mobile is not your answer. PM does not support 2G at all.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Good point @Luddite, I should clarify. What I am referring to is a lack of LTE support and areas that have spotty reception. In those areas I find text messaging has some level of reliability, while I cannot get online to check email, let alone logon to a VOIP service.

Mayor / Maire

I think your Price points are within reason, BUT here is what I would propose



1. Province-wide talk, no text, no data -66 $ ($22/mo)

2. Province-wide talk, Global Text, no data - $96 ($32/mo)

3. Province-wide talk, Global Text, 3GB - $105 ($35/mo)


This would be within a fair and properly priced point

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

For parents of students who don't talk and only use texting.

How about a cheap


1- Txt only, no talk, no data $10/m

2- Txt only, min data only for FB Messenger/Whatsapp/Hangout, $15/m

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@makkahn28and @fathom, I definitely like your ideas. The key for me is to offer some truly budget options for those who don't need all the data. It seems that the current tend is more data that appears affordable but at a higher monthly cost.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I get the feeling that PM doesn't want to do these lower price tiers any more. I think you'd see them add more value to existing $40/month plans than lower priced plans that are less than $40. It seems like this is their target ARPU.


A $96/90 day plan with province talk and minimal data (300MB/90days) would draw in some minimal data use people that can top up with data addon for those days when they need more. This would avoid having anyone from current higher price plans from switching and cause a loss in revenue. I have a couple of lines that would switch to PM if something like that was available, but my first statemnet about PM not wanting to offer lower priced plans would not allow this to happen.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Oh wow, I just saw this old idea I had months ago and realised that PM actually implemented it! Option #1 is now $60 (province talk, no text or data) and Option #2 is $75 (province talk, text, no data), and Option #3 is $105 (province talk, text, 3GB of 3G data).


Even though current promos for high data users are better with other providers, I'm happy to see PM continue serving those of us who prefer to pay less than $40 per month.


Well done Public Mobile!!!

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