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OCN (original called number) packet support?

OCN (original called number) packet support?

I'd love to see PM add proper OCN (original called number) packets for call forwarding, so that third party voicemail services (like YouMail) could be used, for Visual Voicemail/forwarding voicemail to email. I checked with the mods, and apparently this is intentionally disabled, so I figured I'd throw it up as a public lab idea.

As a workaround I've just setup a freephoneline account, and I'm using that to forward voicemails to email... But I do prefer Youmail's system of having a visual setup.  I don't prefer it so much that I'm willing to pay for their premium service (which gets you a dedicated voice mailbox number) though. 🙂

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You can use YouMail, but you have to purchase YouMail Premium for about $5/month and then they give you a local number to have your calls forwarded. I've been using it with PM for the past year and a half.



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Yeah, I'm aware (which is why I said I like it, but not enough to pay for it).  But most other providers have OCN properly set up, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw out a labs post.  When I asked the mods, all @Mary_M could say as for why it's not enabled (the response from the tech folk that she talked to) was "because it would, let's say, create a 'mess' with our voicemail platform/server"



One extra benefit of paying for Youmail premium is that you also get voicemail transcription.  But for the 5 or so voicemails I get per month, it's really not worth spending $5 (US, I believe) a month on it.

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@WearySky why not just forward your voicemails to a voip? They could then email / txt you the transcripts


I am curious, which carrier does have it "properly" setup? Rogers?

(From quick search online, Wind/Freedom & Bell also had issues doing this...)


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Like I said - I set up a freephoneline account and have that forward voicemails to my email... It's OK, but doesn't have a nice visual interface like the app does.

As far as I can tell, just about all carriers in Canada support it now.
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Wind/Freedom definately has issues. Pages of them Cat LOL


This app seems more like it is US supported from what I can google...


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From what I recall, those issues dated back to 2013. Wind is listed as officially supported now, along with just about every other Canadian carrier:

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@WearySky wait a sec, ok that confuses me even more


How is Koodo supported but not Public?

They are same voicemail system???


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I moved to PM from bell.  I can confirm YouMail worked with bell mobility.  I also use the to handle my voicemail for PM.  You can have your voicemail then Forward to email.  Somewhat like visual voicemail but agreed not as pretty as YouMail.  

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@WearySky I noticed that YouMail does not list Public Mobile in carriers supported

Have you asked them to add the carrier?


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@kav2001cthe reason they don't have them listed is because they don't have ocn support. There really isn't anything for them to do on their end to "support" a carrier

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