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Add-on Only Plan

Add-on Only Plan



I propose that Public Mobile offer the ability to create a plan that consists of 'Add-ons' only, doing away with restrictions like requiring a talk plan in order to add international/US minutes.


For instance, there are those who do not need unlimited talk or unlimited text but require only basic amounts.


An Add-on Only plan might consist of selecting the base plan (10/30/90 days) and paying a fee for that, then adding the talk (like 400 international/US long distance minutes, which can be used Canada-wide as well), adding a text add-on (which currently doesn't exist, but for sake of argument let's use $10 for 1000 texts world-wide), and adding a data add-on like 1 GB for $30.


This way, those who wish to have a very basic plan can do so while allowing some talk/text/ and data which rolls over and never expires.


As a further example, let's say this was possible with current pricing, I would select the 90 day plan and use add-ons for talk/text/ and data. My total plan costs would look something like this:


$25 - 90 Day Base Plan fee

$15 - Add-on 400 minutes International/US (and can be used for Canada-wide calling) that rolls over

$30 - Add-on 1 GB Data that rolls over

$10 - Add-on (that doesn't exist) 1000 Texts Worldwide.


Initial cost - $80, but only $25 every 90 days for the base price, then top up the talk/text, and data as necessary which may be longer stretches than 90 days.






Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
I assume their add on pricing is predicated on the fact that a customer has to get talk plan in order to get the talk add on. If they did away with that I would imagine the add on pricing would go up.
Mayor / Maire

If you run a search, there are several other ideas proposing add-ons.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité
It would be nice but assume @yads is correct.
Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The add-on pricing may be predicated on the talk plan, however, there would be no discounts with an Add-on only plan like there is when you select two or more items, and it may or may not be eligible for rewards.


And this would be in keeping with one of the reasons I was drawn to PM "You set the terms. Only pay for the services you want, for however long you want them." which is right on their website.


An offering like this would set them apart from all the competition.

Mayor / Maire

Not necessarily, I like the Add-on only concept too. Now, If only a lit'le thing called Rome like Home can arise and offer the Ultimate Super duper experience in a lifetime


OR have the texting and calling add-ons ONLY for valid data plans; i.e. no data add-on. Agree the pricing should be higher than current add-ons; more in the range of 15 - 20¢/min.

Retraité / Retired
Status changed to: Not for us
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