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180 Day Plans Or 365 Day Plans !

180 Day Plans Or 365 Day Plans !

I know with Telus and Rogers in their pay-as-you-go plans they have for you can pay for an entire year at a discounted rate. It would be extremely awesome if public mobile would have a another option to pay by year for a discount. This would allow devoted public mobile users who know they will be using this service for years to come. I still think we should keep the 60 day plan and a 30 day plan and also the 10 day plan. But we should have a fourth option that is a one year-long plan, I think that the one you're long plane would be good for public mobile users that have been with public mobile for very long time. You could even maybe add this feature within our my account Page once we have been a member of the public mobile community for at least one year. This would be different then loyalty reward program because it would lock you in for a year for a better discount.


Make the bace for a 180day plan lets say $40 Or $45 and then within that time you could always add more data for a fee.


What do you guys think! 😄 

Give me a bravo if you like the idea ❤️



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I assume you mean the 90 day plans...which is a significant period to prepay as it is. I don't see a lot of takers of 12 months unless there would be a really significant discount. If you ran out of data half way thru the year you wouldn't be too happy! Also you would have to wait so long for your renewal if you wanted to grab a promo plan like the double data that was just released.  PM already rewards for loyalty which increases per year...I think they have it covered!  

Mayor / Maire

Public used to have 180 day plans (6 months) but then they just dissapeared when Telus did the relaunch


Longer terms are better for data roll over Cat Very Happy

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I like the Idea Of 180 Day plans @kav2001c 6 months sounds good to and @jamestneutron There is other companys that run on 1 year plans like for home internet for example also like i said in this post both rogers and telus offer this. Also like @kav2001c said maybe 180 day plans would be a better alternative to. And as a Final note this would be for long time plublic moble users who are willing to be locked in kinda like how contracts work with almost every single cell company in canada exsept your getting a better deal other then a cheap phone. However i think 180 day plans are a good idea to.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

And as a side note for the roll over data all you would need to do is have it so you pay for the bace plan for example the 90 day you pay $25 for it then you pay for the services. you could have lets say a 180 day that costs $40 or $45 and then add your services you want. You can also maybe have the option of changeing your services within that 180days or 365day period for a cost, lets say your on day 90 of your 180 day plan and you decide you want more data well then just change your data to a higher ammount for a fee and tada. @kav2001c @jamestneutron and as for the loyelty reward its only $1 a year this way i am asking for would garentee people would stay with PM for a longer period of time and alow more options. 

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