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double billed

I purchased a phone and sim card through walmart. I went home and registered the phone and put in my Visa. Well the sim card would not work so I went back to walmart and they trouble shot it and then we ended up having to get a new sim card and when I registered the second one and went online it would not let me use my visa again so I had to use my mastercard. So it ended up billing both of my cards for 1 month. When I went to walmart they tried to have me log in with my origional information that I put in and it would not let me in again. I have screen shots of both of the payments but it will not let me save them to my computer so if there is an email address I can forward it too that would be great. $38.85 is the amount I was billed. I cannot seem to be able to save the screenshots onto my computer to attach to this email. Is there an email that I can actually send it too not thru this part?

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Re: double billed



Sorry to hear you're having issues.  Just to confirm, do you have service now with the phone and SIM card that you have??  Let us know.


As far as the issue of double billing, you need to send a private message to the moderators to have them take a look into the charges and need to a refund.  Send them a private message using this link: @Moderator_Team, provide them with your name, account number, amount of the charges and likely that card numbers, and an explanation of the issue and they will be able to look into the matter for you.


Re: double billed

@Lukeslamb, sorry to hear you have had some issues.  I can't beleive that Walmart offered support and asked you to login at the store.  They must have someone working there that has PM as when I bought my sim at one they said they could not help me and there was no customer service.

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