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Re: I was charged twice

@LovesToPM wrote:

@will13amNo coaching or beating intended. You have my utmost respect.

I just thought your post was strangely timed. Thanks for the explanation.


Btw the OP selected the first reply as the accepted solution.

Some people have figured out that post quantity beats post quality.
It just goes to show that this forum could use an overhaul.

I have been on this forum for almost 3 years.  Back in the day, threads almost never go past page 2.  Now, thread seem to be no less than 3 pages with repeat suggestions.  I am not one of those that want to put a post on page 3 and beyond.  I quickly deleted my post when I saw it go onto page 3.  But I was too slow in deleting the post.  In the past, threads were rarely marked as solved.  It is nice to see a change for the better these days.  It is up to OP to decide on this.  This is my last contribution to the thread. 

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Re: I was charged twice

Does it solve the problem?

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Re: I was charged twice

I need to wait until next month to see if they use my extra fund to pay the bill. My phone works now