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upgraded to the 15gb/$40 plan but DID NOT GET ANY DATA

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello! I got an offer via text to upgrade my plan a few months and it still did not upgrade to 15g of data. I am wondering if someone from Public Mobile support can help me??



Mayor / Maire

@luna4you  - none of us are public mobile representatives. We are all customers like you trying to help one another here on the forum.


If you after you check your My Account without refresh issues, OR call 611 to check the data balance you have, and you still show you are not on the new plan, you can go ahead and schedule a "plan change for next renewal".

Don't choose 'change now', because you will not get any prorating funds in this current cycle back.


The plan is available in My Account :




Mayor / Maire

I assume the phone has been configured with Public Mobile's APN settings. And that cellular data is turned on. And the phone has then been rebooted (full power cycle off then on, not an ordinary restart) to ensure the setting changes persist.

Mayor / Maire



  • Try clearing cache and cookies and opening an incognito tab
  • Try using a completely different browser from a completely different device which does not have stored/remembered credentials

Also, try tapping the highlighted area when logged into self-serve for a refreshed page version:





Mayor / Maire


Try rebooting your phone by powering off then power back on.


@luna4you   the My Account site has serious problem with cache, you could be reading old cached info


Please login My Account using Incognito mode (or Private mode with Safari) and it should then show you the correct data, 15GB 

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