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unable to use all my data

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have 2 phones with public mobile, both will not let me use the data available.  I've worked with the tech at the store, and the phones are not blocking data usage.  I'm paying for data that we are not able to use, month after month it shuts down before we have used half. 


Mayor / Maire

So you are able to use it for a period of time then each cycle @jana-gallant ?


Can you check to see if you have a data limiter set in the settings of the device. Some settings will also shut your data ability completely off if the settings say to do that when your phone reaches a certain level.

Check these settings and adjust or turn them off.


Note, your phone start date may not match up with your plan start date. So either set it each cycle or use a 3rd party app that tracks data usage for 30 days and set it to your plan start date/ 

Mayor / Maire

What your account (after few refreshes and using different browser) says? How much data is available.

Do you have other phone to test SIM? Other service work?

Mayor / Maire

Are you basing that off your phone usage counter/self serve counter or both?

Mayor / Maire

To be sure you're looking at the best updated information in the account, click on the little spinner refresh icons lower down. Or use private mode. You might get different results. Are these phones using iOS or Android?