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rewards not applied

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At my last payment in October, I received an text message from Public Mobile saying there was a problem appling my $3 worth of rewards but that a credit was issued and so it would be rectified on the next payment.  Fast forward to my next payment in November and the exact same thing happened followed by another text promising that the situation will be rectified next month.  So in short, for two months now, I have paid for full price for my phone service because of this issue that seems to be repeating itself month after month.  I tried opening a ticket but that proved unsuccessful as well unfortunatly as the link didn't work.  How can I get help with this issue?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Are you sure it wasn't applied? Because usually the  $2.00 I get from auto pay usually the little amount  just cover some of the taxes or fees. (Say you have a plan for $25 dollars and with taxes or "fees" Public Mobile will charge somewhere around  $2.00 so your bill in total is $27.00  if you have a discount of $3.00 your bill will be  $24 dollars.)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

thanks for all the info.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you, I will try this.

@PAULRANG18 wrote:

This is very common and has happened to me. I sent a private message to the moderator over a week ago. A moderator got back to me and asked for my info. Since then I have not heard back. I'm missing 2 rewards. I would suggest contacting them with your issue.



If you don't hear from moderator for 72 hours you should send a follow up response. They ask is for patience and to wait for up to 48 hours once the conversation starts, but if there was no contact for 72 hours it's ok to contact them. Just respond to the last message you received from them (it will be your second response to it) it probably won't be the same person, but they will have the access to the whole conversation.

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This is very common and has happened to me. I sent a private message to the moderator over a week ago. A moderator got back to me and asked for my info. Since then I have not heard back. I'm missing 2 rewards. I would suggest contacting them with your issue.


@bsquaredRewards not being applied can be a common issue and is the most prevalent one i deal with on my own two accounts and the ones i manage. If you have used the lost/stolen feature or changed your credit card info this can or will affect the application of your rewards upon renewal. While certainly inconvenient and without sufficient funds or autopay to cover the shortfall causing your account to fall into suspension then very inconvenient! Keeping a few extra dollars in your account to cover your rewards shortfall is a good back up as long as your account does not have a high reward value the covers most or all of your plan cost. A refund will never be issued for rewards only a credit or in most cases the moderators applying the rewards manually directly into the available funds. My own way of dealing with this issue rather than creating a ticket via simon I send a private message including my ph#, pin#, email, name on acct and another identifier like security question and answer, last amount paid and how or alternate ph# (if one). I then ask the moderators to apply the missing rewards at their convenience before the next renewal. Done. A quick private message to have it solved that takes a couple of minutes of your time. This is free money you are recieving that no other carrier offers so i personally do not mind when this happens as no system is perfect  and unless it happens every renewal due to no fault of my own for six months or more i see no reason to complain or ask for compensation as a result of it. It is rare for it to occur more than two months in a row but there was a system issue a month ago that has carried over to a select few on the second month so asking the moderators to check that this is what has affected your rewards during renewal is a good idea.

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If that doesn't work then 

To contact Public Mobile click here. The link  sends you to the private message function and adds the moderator team as recipient for a private message. You just have to enter a title and text in the body of the message describing the problem and post. The message will be received by the moderator team and they will respond to it. You will receive the response in your private message inbox.

Moderators are available: M-F from 8 AM to midnight Eastern time and S-S from 8 AM to 10 PM Eastern time.

Note: Moderator Hours are subject to change, but you can always find the current times here

Please note that account verification may be required when contacting the Moderator Team 



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That's unfortunate and some may say unacceptable. Personally, I would ask for a goodwill gesture like doubling your credit for the 2nd month for your troubles. Only @CS_Agent can do that, but I hope they would under the circumstances.


It takes 30 days for any sort of refund so your better off just asking them to do something for you going forward, assuming you are staying with PM.


If the ticket doesn't work, try the contact link below.

Creating a support ticket:
Explain your issue to SIMON, seen below:



Use as few words as possible to allow the BOT to understand. Answer his questions until you get here:



Click on "Submit a ticket" and the Moderator team will respond to your concern, usually within 48 hours.

Alternatively, you may send a private message to moderator through the following link :
Contact @Moderator_Team

About @Moderator_Team
Moderator Hours
Monday-Friday: 8AM- 12AM EST
Saturday & Sunday: 8AM-10PM EST

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You can contact moderators directly, not through ticket system here 

What is your account balance when you log in?

Also can you take a screenshot of your payment history for the last 90 days, blackout the sensitive information please. That could give more insight and community may have some suggestions for self help while you wait for mods to respond.