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"primary" and "personal" numbers - think i deleted the wrong one

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So i just purchased an eSIM and the set up all went flawlessly - except that it asked me if I wanted to use my "primary" or "personal" number for my said i could change this later so i just picked one....finished set up. So then i go to send a text (after receiving multiple texts saying that everything was successful and even Telus texted to confirm transfer of my number) and the text wouldn't send (however, I did receive a text from the same person) so i kept trying to change it from primary to personal and it wasn't working. so i went into settings and deleted the "personal" one and now it seems like I've lost my eSIM! is there any way to get this back? Have I just lost my number that i've had for like 16 years?!?!?! 


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Mayor / Maire

@Kitty1313  Please submit ticket with support 

send  a  private message   To CS_Agents

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