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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I received an email saying my account is not working. Please tell me why and how to restart my payment plan as before


Mayor / Maire



It's one thing to receive an email, it's another thing to tell us what works and what doesn't, as well as what you have tried to do thus far.


Does your calling in/out or texting in/out work?


Does your data work?


When you dial 611 from your device with the Public Mobile SIM card in it, what audio messaging do you hear?


Do you normally pay with a payment voucher or one time payment or with a credit card or debit Visa/MasterCard attached to the account?


When is the last time you recall services working?

Mayor / Maire

@dianneleduc - if you just activated with a ported over number, perhaps you received something saying the port failed?


If that is the case, submit a ticket with Public Mobile representatives (CSA) for help; click this link for issues with transfer/porting of phone numbers over to Public Mobile.

Mayor / Maire

@dianneleduc    Was today your renewal?  Maybe autopay failed and you'll need to login (use incognito/private mode) and Reactivate the account by manual top up with your CC.  Make sure the CC hasn't expired in which case you can update it and then Reactivate the account.


You can also purchase a voucher (if needed) from SDM, 7/11, London Drugs or Shell and add the funds by dialing 611 on your phone or from online vendor

Mayor / Maire

@dianneleduc did you try login My Account yourself at ?  Login and check the account status and see if it is active 


if susupeded, you will need to make a manual payment to resume service 

Mayor / Maire

@dianneleduc - we are customers like you here on the forum and have no access to your account. So you will need to provide more info. so we can help,


Are all your services working? If so, you may be able to ignore that erroneous email. Strange, you received an email? Can you provide a screenshot without any personal info. in it?