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i want to transfer my number from telus to public mobile

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I used a new sim card. wrong. Put the old telus sim card back in but ran over 90 minutes. now I am in limbo.


Mayor / Maire

The concept of a signature continues to be lost on some folks. It's when the "signature" is posted for seemingly every question that the comment is made. Obviously direct the customer there when it's appropriate. Like immediately when someone asks how to change their account email login.

haha.. yes I offer that a lot (probably some members thought that is a "signature" reply), but rather than discourage a newly activated subscriber for waiting couple hours for a reply, I rather them to get it fix in 30 mins.  Afterall, you discourage them long enough, they can take the Winback offer from their old provider.   LoL


Not strange at all @Luddite 


and I agree, the porting number can be very useful and prompt.


I frequently use the option in my replies, it’s just that I didn’t want to duplicate so I offered another option for the OP to reinitiate the port.



@HALIMACS  I know it seems weird to give out the Telus porting number, however their service is excellent. My daughter was porting her Koodo wireless home phone which failed as authorizing text cannot be received. The Telus hotline agent took her PM AND Koodo info and completed the transfer. She did not need to even contact Koodo! ☀️

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

Mayor / Maire



 To re-initiate the port, click here: Reinitiate Port request


Then make sure to place your prior provider SIM card in device, await text for port authorization, reply "YES", then replace with your newly activated Public Mobile SIM card.


Reboot your device, and you should be good to go.






There is a number to call to talk to live support,  they can re-trigger the process for you.  I will message the number to you via the Community inbox ( ) .  Check the envelope icon on top right.  Call them and get it fixed

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